Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recipe and spice cabinet organization

As Twinkle Toes and I were making pizza pockets today we realized that it was time to organize the spice cabinet.  Twinkle Toes took it on as her little project.  I showed her where to find the expiration dates and I'm embarassed to say we had spices that were best used by 1999!  After the expired spice purge (Do spices really expire or is this a conspiracy?) we bought a couple of three-tiered shelves at Walmart and organized the remaining spices so that we could read the labels.  I realize many of you organizing junkies would have placed them in alphabetical order, but we were more concerned about size and just being able to see what we have.

The other realization that came to me as I was making pizza pockets from memory today is that I really need a new system for storing the many online and magazine recipes I've collected.  My current system is:  print off recipe then stuff in cookbook shelf.  Unfortunately I've amassed too many recipes for that haphazard system, thus having to resort to making pizza pockets from memory today.  It almost isn't worth diving into the 3 inch stack of papers for a recipe.  So I decided to make a cookbook of sorts out of all these recipes.  Now I've told you before that I am not creative at all.  Let's just call this my pragmatic recipe notebook.

Can I confess something to you?  Most of my cookbooks are on display above my kitchen cabinets, which reminds me that I need to dust up there.  Anyway, I rarely crack a cookbook, except for Betty Crocker- she's my lifeline.   Other than Betty Crocker, all of my recipes come from my blog friends, google searches, or magazines.  I'm so excited to have a more user-friendly way of storing and keeping track of my recipes!  Now, what will I make tomorrow?

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  1. You know I love organization! And yes, I do store my spices alphabetically! But, over time (and use by my two oldest daughters), ours have gotten out of order. In fact, I am sure that we have some expired ones too. So now you have inspired me to add "Purge and Organize Spices" to my ever growing to do list!

    Your recipe book looks great! That is just what I did to all of my loose recipes. I taped them to pieces of paper and inserted them into page protectors. I also made dividers for this notebook like soups, main dishes, desserts, etc. to sort the recipes.

    Love both your and Kimberly's Sonlight posts. I am trying to make time to get my Sonlight out and figure it all out. (Core 5 and K).



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