Monday, July 5, 2010

Our 4th grade curriculum

Twinkle Toes will be in 4th grade this year.

Here's our 4th grade curriculum thus far:

Math- Saxon 6/5- Twinkle Toes sailed through Saxon 5/4 last year with flying colors.  Then at the end of the year we toyed around with switching to Singapore math.  I did buy a few of the workbooks and she enjoyed them, but ultimately I decided not to make the change.  Why?  Because Saxon has worked for us and we already have it.  Monk is ready to go straight to Algebra I (as per the Teaching Textbooks placement exam) after Saxon 7/6 so I'm going to continue with this same course schedule.

History/Literature/LA- Sonlight Core 3/4 American History- I love that Twinkle Toes, Monk, and I all read the same books!  It makes for fun discussions.  We're using Sonlight's somewhat new integrated Language arts this year, but will supplement with Wordly Wise 4 and Spelling Wisdom book 1.

Bible- Community Bible Study's Divided Kingdom and Minor Prophets and Truth and Grace Memory books.  We also work through Institute of Basic Life Principles character booklets in the mornings and occasionally read other books like Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.

Foreign Language- Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek- Twinkle Toes is currently about half-way through the level 3 workbook.  I'm hoping she'll get through level 4 and started in level 5 this year.  (There are 8 levels.)

Science- I have to confess that I don't really believe in science as a discipline until my kids are a little more grounded in higher mathematics, but... Twinkle Toes was really bummed when she learned Monk was studying science this year and she wasn't, so... I think I found a compromise we can both get excited about.  Twinkle Toes will take two years to go through Nutrition 101: Choose Life.  I learned about this Biblically based nutrition course from a curriculum review at Raising Olives.  Twinkle Toes will learn lots of anatomy and physiology along the way and have opportunities for hands-on activities including cooking, which she LOVES!

Music- Twinkle Toes is so musically gifted!  Just today I heard her picking out In Christ Alone on the piano.  She's left-handed and I don't know if that makes a difference, but when she picks out songs by ear, she's able to do so with both hands.  She's really amazing!  This will be her 3rd year to take piano.

Art- Twinkle Toes is also extremely artistic!  She takes private art lessons with her siblings.

PE- Swim team, ice skating.

Extracurricular- Twinkle Toes is learning to knit this year.  Her Grandma has been giving her lessons.


  1. Sounds like a great year. May it be your best yet [smile].


  2. Wow! I loved reading this, especially your review about Nutrition 101. I haven't seen a science curriculum which shares my philosophy on nutrition, until this one. I will be checking it out; thank you so much!



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