Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our 6th grade curriculum

I can't believe our Mr. Monk would be going to middle school this year!  I'm so glad we homeschool!

Here's our 6th grade curriculum thus far (I'm always tweaking):

Math- Teaching Textbooks Algebra I- I decided to make the switch from Saxon, though it's served us well these many years.

History/Literature/Language Arts- Sonlight Core 3/4 American History-  We'll be reading about 20 books together and he'll read about another 20 on his own.  Rather than primarily using workbooks for LA as in previous years, we're trying Sonlight's integrated LA this year.   I love how it sounds so we'll see how it works.  We'll also supplement with Wordly Wise 6 and Spelling Wisdom

Bible-  Last year we did Sonlight's Bible curriculum and loved it, but I found we were spread too thin so we're dropping it this year (except we will do the daily chapter readings and Scripture memory work- ok so we're doing most of it, but not all).  We'll be studying The Divided Kingdom and Minor Prophets in Community Bible Study and I'd like them to have more time for their CBS this year.  Last year they struggled to get their lessons done each week, which is silly since we do Bible every day.  I also want the older (9 and 11 yr olds) kids to spend a little time in their TAG books each day on their own.  We already review Scripture memory and catechism as a family, but it's time the older kids start doing this on their own, too. 

Foreign Language- Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek- Monk's about half-way through book 3 right now.  Hopefully he'll get through book 4 this year and at least started in book 5.  There are 8 books in all and we're trying to get through them in 3 years.  This is our second year for Greek, but we got a bit of a late start last year- December, I think.

Science- Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science.  This is our first year for a formal science curriculum.  I'm so excited I've already written a schedule of study for the first 4 modules.  

Typing- Mavis Beacon typing- He enjoys this program and has been making progress this summer.  Depending on how well his typing has progressed by the end of the summer, I may just have him spend a few minutes reviewing over the weekend and not daily.

Music- This will be Monk's second year to take piano lessons.  He's really doing well and trying hard to catch up to his sister.  Monk loves learning to play the theme songs from video games.  Strange, I know. 

Art- Artistic Pursuits 4th-6th grade Book 1- I'm not sure to what degree we'll utilize this curriculum, yet.  Monk loves to draw so hopefully this program will help get him to the next level.

Computer graphics- Blender.  Don't ask.  His older cousin uses Blender to create video games.  It's a free download so I'm going to use it to motivate Monk to get all his other work done in a timely manner.  His free time can be used playing around with Blender, which as I understand it, is a cool computer graphics tool.

PE-  Monk is a great swimmer!  He swims 5 times a week on a USS club team and also does dryland training a couple of times a week.

Extracurricular- Monk will be a Boy Scout as of September.  He and his dad have really enjoyed doing Webelos together.  We're blessed to be part of a wonderful Christian homeschool pack.  They do Scouts on Tuesday night while I have my ladies Bible study.  This has worked well for us.

Wow, Monk's going to be busy this year!  He's just so smart and I'm so proud of him.  Monk went to public school a few years ago (3rd grade) and did you know he didn't miss one question on either of his TAKS tests?  He was definitely his teacher's pet and now he's all mine!

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  1. Bender? That's ambitious! May that go really well [smile].

    I'm looking forward to your thoughts on how Sonlight's Language Arts works for you.




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