Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our 2010-2011 Homeschool Schedule- take one

Knowing that I have a baby coming the beginning of October has made me all the more determined to set our new homeschool schedule in stone.  I want us to get off to a great start in August so that when baby arrives we'll be firmly entrenched in our schedule and less likely to be swayed by minor inconveniences like lack of sleep or incessant nursing.

Here's what I've come up with for our 2010-2011 schedule:

7-7:30 Morning devotions/Scripture memory review
7:30-8 Breakfast and Greek (They do their Greek while I'm making breakfast.  They have time for about 2 pages per day or 10 pages per week at this pace.)
8-8:30 Morning chores and practice music
8:30-9:30 Independent study block 1 (Monk- Math, Twinkle Toes- Reading, Measle- Math)
9:30-11 Sonlight read-aloud (Bible, History, Lit., Geography, LA, and learning stations for pre-K kids)
11-12 Lunch and discussion/narration of read-aloud selection
12-1 Independent study block 2 (Monk- Science and LA- each should take around 30 minutes or we may decided to spend 2 1/2 days on each during this period, Twinkle Toes- Math, Measle- Reading)
1-2 Independent study block 3 (Monk- Reading, Twinkle Toes- Science and LA, and Measle- LA)
2-3 Complete any unfinished work for the day and do afternoon chores

Revised Schedule for Wednesday

(Before 10 as usual)
10-12:30 Community Bible study- Divided Kingdom and Minor Prophets
12:30-1 Lunch
1-2 Sonlight read-aloud
2-3 Independent study block 2
3-4 Independent study block 3
(So shortened read-aloud and lunch periods and the kids get finished 1-1.5 hrs later on Wednesdays due to Community Bible study.)

We've actually been getting up before 7 this summer so we may back up our schedule by 30 minutes, but I do want the kids to be awake during morning devotions!  And hopefully our new baby will have no problem synchronizing his schedule with ours:).

I plan on writing up individual schedules for each of the kids with Colossians 3:23 printed at the bottom in bold!  Once lamenated their schedules will go in the left pocket of their folders in their personal school drawer.   Hopefully this way they'll all know what they're supposed to be doing when they're supposed to be doing it! 


  1. Thank you for posting your schedule. I have been working on ours in my head....seeing your in print will help me. I have a few questions. You can email me your answers when you have time if you want. :)

    Do your children not have swim practice during the school year? If so, what time? After your school time? Our xc practice will be at 4:00 three days a week. We will need to leave the house at for the Thursday practice and 3:10 for the Tuesday one (different places). On Mondays, I have to leave the house at 1:35 for piano lessons that last from 2:00-3:30, then on to xc at 4:00. We get home at 5:30 or a little before on Monday.

    What do you do during the independent block times? Rotate working with the 3 children? Where are your littles during this time? I like this idea of independent time. If you were me, would you tell your 10th grader what to do during this independent time or let her choose? I am going to have to work in blocks of time to help O with her geometry and probably chemistry as well. I am not sure how to figure all of this out.

    What are your pre-k learning stations during Sonlight read aloud time? Do you have a blog post about this you can direct me to? Where do you do this read aloud time? Where do you keep your markable world map? Where do you keep the timeline books? Since I am doing 2 cores (K for L and 5 for J and C) should I make all 3 children listen to each other's read alouds? And then I know I will have this problem....O (10th grader not doing sonlight) is going to want to listen to the read alouds, but I am not sure her schedule will allow time for her to participate.

    I am sure I will want to discuss the schedule with you more as I put ours on paper.

    Thanks for this post!

  2. If only we could get up that early! We are night owls!

  3. Roan- Music lessons are on Thursday afternoons during their 3rd study block. Hopefully whatever they don't get done beforehand or while waiting at lessons, they can finish up when they get home. Swimming is around supper time.

    I haven't really thought through what I'll do during each independent study block. Remember, I'll have a new baby! My 9 and 11 yr olds are quite independent and I don't anticipate having to be too involved in their individual time. My 7 yr old is not very independent so I'll have to help her quite a bit. My little kids nap in the afternoons. I'll be dropping Louie's morning nap so they'll probably nap around 1-3. I'll probably be busy nursing, working on supper, blogging, reading, or possibly even resting??

    I've posted before on some of the pre-K games and activities- number games, color sorting, puzzles, etc. I haven't decided how organized this will be. Last yr it was very relaxed. American Boy knew he had to be quiet while big kids studied so he would go back and forth to his game cabinet as he wanted to. With Louie involved this year I may need to be more formal about stations, though I almost bristle at that thought! I basically just want them to play nicely and quietly while the older kids are working. I'll let you know how it goes!

    As far as read-aloud- even my 4 yr old will listen, though I don't expect he'll get too much out of it. I've experimented with letting them have things they're working on during the read-aloud time with varying degrees of success. The bottom line is my 4 and 7 yr olds really can't multi-task. I may need to just have them sit quietly and listen. Can they do that for an hour and a half? It will be a challenge. I really want my 7 yr old to follow what we're doing so I'm going to need to pause frequently and make sure she's tracking with us. I love that we're just doing one core so I don't have the same problem you do. I get so much from the books we read so I can understand your older daughter wanting to listen in! However, I am trying to do FIAR with AB so I can relate somewhat. I can tell you I'm going to be very relaxed about his FIAR because, well because he's 4. My main goals for my 4 yr old are for him to learn to read and enjoy being read to. That's about it for this next year. That really takes a load off and allows me to focus on the Sonlight core. My older kids will do their other subjects pretty much solo.

    I hope that answers most of your questions! I can't wait to see what your schedule looks like!




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