Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning and ANOTHER Challenge!

It's that time of year again.  That time when school is drawing to a close (or has already ended in our case) and you look around and notice that while you've been busy all year your house has gotten messy (or messier in our case).  One of the many perks to homeschooling is being able to bribe motivate your kids to help you with housework.  (As in, how 'bout I let you out of school 2 weeks before public school and you help me get the house in order.  Deal?  You've never seen such enthusiasm over cleaning!)

The girls cleaned their bathroom and hallway today, focusing on our neglected floors.
Hey, whatever works.  There's no rule that says cleaning has to be boring.

Now for my newest challenge, since I know you're wondering.  Tsh Oxenreider in Organized Simplicity challenges her readers to simplify and clean their homes room by room in 10 days.  I read the book over a week ago and am still gearing up for the 10 day challenge (we have a big house).  I guess I needed a head start.  Last week I took down all the decorations (and there were TONS of them) down from the tops of my kitchen cabinets, and vacuumed and scrubbed the tops of the cabinets.  I also simplified the outside of my fridge using the author's idea of adhering favorite photos onto all those commercial magnets we've collected over the years.  This really cut down on the clutter, but still allows us to showcase our cute kids.

Calvin made the best of my little project and took it all in stride, as usual.
 I'm planning on blogging more about this book and challenge in the future (so hopefully I will : ).

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