Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School's out and we're celebrating!

by scooting...


and having fun in the sun!

Are you finished yet?  How are you celebrating?


  1. Wahoo! Looks like the start of a great summer.

    We school year around so apparently I wear horns in stead of angles wings! ;) I am blessed no one has told any of them that there should be a break. We do 1/2 schedule though since we road school a good bit.

  2. I love Calvin's haircut!

    We are going to try to finish everything up by the last Friday in June.....I may still have a couple of read alouds to finish, but since I read to them year round, that won't matter. Some of my children have finished some subjects already. Science will take them the longest to finish (Apologia for all 3 older ones), but I think they can do it before the end of June. If not, we will finish up in early July, after camp and before we go to the beach. I am planning on starting the new year the first Monday in August. Summer is full with church camp, running camp, beach week, VBS, and my husband has some days off in addition to our beach vacation. So....not much school, but I do want to finish this year's subjects. Keep in mind, we only do school 4 days a week typically, so that is why we are not through!

    Cardio Power and Resistance is my favorite one. I can actually do the complete workout. The other two I have to take some rests in by the 3rd repeat of each set, especially the last set. Well, Cardio Recovery is my favorite! Ha!



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