Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fun at the ranch

My mom and dad are teaching directors for the local Community Bible Study class.  This was my mom's annual party for the children's leaders.  These sweet ladies are such a blessing to us!  I had a car full of kids- mine plus two.   I'm pretty sure this was Calvin's first time to the ranch, but we may have taken him once before. 
Our neighbor on the zip line
Monk swinging

She's even cute with a dirty face!
Prince hanging out with his friends.

Nana working hard in the kitchen, as usual.
One of Monk's friends, armed and dangerous.
Plenty of room to play "war".
The girls having fun with their sodas.

Synchronized drinking.

Calvin never complains, but he was really wanting nursie and bed at this point. 
Can you see the get-me-out-of-here plea in his look?

Queen has thing about blowing her nose.  I was trying to get her to hurry up so she wouldn't miss the train. 
She would not be hurried. 

Grandfather pulling the new train with his Gator. 

Measle knows how to have fun!  Look Ma, no shoes.

Our sweet neighbor friend sharing a seat with Queen.

Prince enjoying the ride- and his cup of ice.

Twinkle Toes giving me the "peace out" sign.

The train was a big hit!  Thanks Nana and Grandfather!

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  1. What a fun, fun day!

    How's the Insanity going? I have rested from it since doing it Thursday. I will resume on Monday. I ran a 10K yesterday, and I wanted to make sure my knees would hold out for that. My knees are sore, and it is hard to go up and down stairs, as well as squat down.

    Have a super day!



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