Monday, May 2, 2011

Insanity update- 1 week in

OK, I know this is going to sound insane, but I'm only 1 week into Insanity and I can already tell a difference in my strength.  I was holding Queen (2) yesterday and had to squat down to pick something up off the floor, like a pacifier, and I thought- hey this is easier than it was last week.  I'm pretty sure she isn't getting lighter, so I must be getting stronger. 

Some of my older kids hang around while I do the Insanity workout and one of them asked what my core is.  I told them I had no idea, but it hurt!  Monk (11), Twinkle Toes (10), and Measle Bug (7) have all enjoyed trying Insanity for themselves.  None of them has lasted beyond the warm-up, of course they do swim 3-4 miles every night!

I asked Big D if he was up for doing Insanity with me.  He said no, but while I did Insanity, he'd watch Hannity.  Cute, huh?  Actually, between his garden, our lawn and his mom's lawn, Big D is getting plenty of exercise these days.  He trimmed our trees today, too, and carried up an unused dresser (as of the 40 bag challenge) to the attic!

In other news, we are praising God that Calvin's CT scan of his head showed that all of his cranial sutures are still open, as they should be.  His skull is a bit warped, but the sutures are open.  He'll be fitted for a helmet Thursday.  We are so grateful to the Lord that he doesn't need surgery!  This is a major answer to prayer!  Thank you to those of you who knew about this and were praying along with us!


  1. I am so glad to hear that the helmet is the answer and not surgery. Very relieving. Also, that you are sticking with Insanity. I have now completed Jillian's 30 Day Shred and have moved on to Boot Camp for 6 weeks and boy do I ever have extra energy. I sometimes feel like the energizer bunny around my house and that feels great!

  2. How's it going now? What day are you on? Are you doing it every day? The first week I did it 3 days, the second/third week I did 3 days, rested one day, and then did 6 days straight! Crazy! Insane!

    I cannot do the jumping jack push-ups, but I can finally do the jump squats! I can tell that I am getting stronger. Still not able to keep up with all three sets, but getting there! I can do one set of the Level 1 drills with them! Yay!

    I am just now able to concentrate on "keeping my core tight". It takes all of my effort to do the exercise without having to think about my core too. My stomach has not been sore yet. Maybe I am not keeping my core tight enough. Now my legs are sore, and my knees too. In fact, I had to take Motrin the last two days!

    Keep up the good work!



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