Thursday, May 26, 2011

Insanity update- one month down?!

I can't believe I finished day 27 of Insanity yesterday!  I've tried to go in the correct order and according to schedule except for a couple of minor rearrangements like when I have to take a day off unexpectedly (then I skip the scheduled day off making it a wash).  I'm happy to report that Insanity is working.  I may not be in the best shape of my life, but my husband and oldest son say they can see a difference.  My arms are more toned and my hips "less wide" (is that a compliment?!)  More importantly, I feel stronger, especially in my legs.  Oh, and I can finally do all the workouts, well pretty much.  Cardio Power and Resistance was the first workout I was able to complete start to finish without stopping.  I've made it through that one 2-3 times now.  I just completed Pure Cardio for the first time a few days ago, though my frog jumps may have more closely resembled turtle hops.  (Don't turtles hop?  Well, you get the idea then.  I may not have been catching much air, but I didn't stop, not even for a second.)  And night before last I completed my first Plyometric Cardio Circuit without putting my knee down.  (My plank form definitely left something to be desired the last time through ski abs and in and outs, so there's still room for improvement!!)  I still haven't made it through a Cardio Abs workout without putting my knee down (tough plank combination at the end), but I also haven't tried the workout fresh, yet.  Oh and there's this killer double leg lift combination that I can't do.  Anyway, I've finished all of month one.

But, I have a problem now.  We're heading out of town June 5-10.  How will I do Insanity on the road?  Somehow I just can't imagine myself sweating with Shaun T. in a hotel room in front of the whole family.  I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate it either.  Especially considering month two is tougher than month one, though it's hard to imagine how.  This could definitely be embarassing.

I think what I'm going to do is tack on another week of workouts to month one then align the recovery week of Core Cardio Balance with our vacation.  Surely a recovery workout won't be as bad to do in front of the fam.  In fact, the kids can join in if they want to.  If it's anything like Cardio Recovery, I shouldn't break a sweat.  Then I can get into month two when we get back from Dallas.  Does that sound workable? 

My tentative plan:

Wednesday May 25:  Cardio Recovery
Thursday May 26:  Cardio Abs and run
Friday May 27:  Cardio Power and Resistance
Saturday May 28:  Pure Cardio
Sunday May 29:  Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Monday May 30: Cardio Recovery and run
Tuesday May 31:  Cardio Power and Resistance
Wednesday June 1:  Pure Cardio
Thursday June 2:  Cardio Abs and run
Friday June 3:  Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Saturday June 4:  Core Cardio Balance (Transition week of recovery between months 1 and 2.)
Sunday June 5:  CCB
Monday June 6:  CCB
Tuesday June 7:  CCB
Wednesday June 8:  CCB
Thursday June 9: CCB
Friday June 10:  Rest (drive home including stop off half-way to see friends)
Saturday June 11:  Fit test and Max Interval Circuit (beginning of official month 2 of Insanity)

Notice how I moved Cardio Abs away from Pure Cardio.  Hopefully I'll get through all the exercises on the workout that way.  At least, this is my plan at this point.


  1. Your plan sounds great! You will so like doing the cardio abs on a running day! I tried to do cardio abs after pure cardio yesterday (I usually run 3-4 miles first and then I can do the entire cardio abs pretty well). I skipped straight to the c-sit position exercises, but I was still too whipped do complete the workout as well as when I just run first.

    Doing the CCB on vacation will work out great. I did preview a few minutes of it. It is more strenuous than cardio recovery, but less than the other workouts. You will probably sweat! But I didn't see any jumping around.

    I have one last month one workout tonight, and then I will start CCB tomorrow. I am still not sure if I will do all 6 days or not.

    Cardio Power and Resistance was my first workout to be able to make it all the way through too. In Pure Cardio, I can make it until the frog jumps. I have to really slow down there!!! I also cannot make it completely through the level 2 drills, but I improve every time!

    Have a great exercise week!



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