Monday, May 10, 2010

Is there a party-planning gene?

My mother only had one child, one daughter... me. My mom is many things to many people, but one of her many gifts is that of being a party-planning and executing genius. One of my cousins once lovingly nicknamed her Martha Stewart on crack. (That was before Martha Stewart went to prison.) Anyway, my mom has graciously hosted about a zillion parties- many of them showers. When I was growing up she tried involving me as much as possible, but I just wasn't interested in the details like she was. (I did spend a lot of hours cleaning guns and watching war movies with my dad, though. ) When my husband and I got married I told my mom I wanted to pick the cake, but she could plan everything else:)

Fast forward a few years and I found myself the mother of my own little Miss Martha Stewart. My daughter Twinkle Toes has always been a natural party planner. I'll never forget how she planned her 2nd birthday party. She chose the theme, Hello Kitty, she picked her cake, strawberry with cream cheese frosting after the design on the Hello Kitty napkin. She even came up with the guest list. Since Twinkle Toes was not my firstborn I thought maybe her party-planning enthusiasm was a girl thing. Imagine my surprise when I asked Measle what kind of cake she wanted for her 2nd birthday and the response I got was, "I like cake." Just cake. Any cake. I guess Twinkle Toes inherited the party-planning gene from my mom. It obviously skipped the Measle Bug and me!

Twinkle Toes has always loved a good party and when I told her we were having the family over for Mother's Day she flew into action. She insisted on going to the store with me and helping plan the menu, she baked the brownies, and she chose the decorations and set the table. She even got out the crystal glasses. (I'm glad 12 years into our marriage we finally used them!) And she made place cards for the adult table so everyone would know where to sit. Measle was a wonderful assistant to her sister and together they made the party a success. (Of course my mom did bring fabulous fruit and flowers, too.) I'm blessed to have a mother and a daughter who are both such great planners, hard workers, and enthusiastic hostesses. I never have to throw a party alone!!

Baby Lu thought she should get in on the action, too. Thankfully, I got to her before she got to the glasses!

I should add that those of us who didn't inherit the party-planning gene still need to open our hearts and homes to one another in a spirit of hospitality. The food and decorations may suffer, but we can still enjoy great fellowship. But what a blessing to have good fellowship AND good food! Thanks mom and Twinkle Toes for making so many of our family celebrations special!


  1. I heartily agree--I too seem to lack the "party planning gene," however, I love to host in spite of my lack of decorations. Maybe this is a good lesson for me--that I need to "relax" a little and see if any of my children are natural planners and let them shine their creativity. :)

  2. I think I have about 1/2 a party planning gene! I like to plan and host parties, but I don't stress about the minute details. My second daughter has the gene too! She has a party planning notebook! She elaborately plans each of her birthday parties. We have so much fun doing this together!

  3. I can plan in my mind but I cannot execute to save my life. I once heard a women speak at my church regarding opening our homes to others. Her one rule was to never ever apologize to your guest for your home being messy or not having something or whatever you think is lacking.

  4. hahahah so cute! I was never much for planning either. Definitely not in my genes!

  5. Oh how sweet that your daughter inherited your mom's gene :)
    Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's day!

  6. Oh, your mom hosted a wedding shower for me and it was truly LOVELY. How fun that your daughter has inherited that! :)

  7. Crissy- Worlds collide. I must know you in real life then! Nice "seeing" you again. And I must agree with you that my mom's showers are lovely!

    Welcome to the blog and thanks for the kind words. I'll pass them on to my mom.




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