Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue or pink?

We find out tomorrow if I'm having a boy or a girl. I admire women who are able to wait until they deliver to learn what they're having. It would probably save us some money! I think it's the nesting instinct that's so strong that demands I know as soon as possible so I can start getting ready for baby's arrival.

This will be our 6th child. I wanted a boy desperately our first time around, and got one. Then during my second pregnancy I longed for a second son, and got a girl. The third time around I wanted a boy again and got another girl. The fourth time around we were determined to have another son and we adopted him! Then for my fifth pregnancy I desperately wanted another baby girl (it had been 5 years since we'd had a baby girl), and got one. (So I'm 3 for 5;). I can honestly say this time that it doesn't matter to either of us which we have. We will be delighted with either another son or another daughter. But I'm still anxious to find out!

What about you? Are you patient enough to wait or do you find out what you're having ahead of time? Does it influence your spending habits?


  1. I am DEFINITELY not patient enough to wait. I have had many a well meaning person tell me how cool it is, but its just not in me! lol
    I always find out as soon as possible. Cant wait for you to share!!!!!

  2. Oh my I am not patient enough to wait! I had a boy, girl, then 4 more boys (all the while desperately wanting another girl), then finally a girl. If we are blessed to be pregnant again, I am already praying that it will be a girl. :) Is that selfish?? Yes, I'm sure it is. It is so hard to say, "Ok, God, I trust Your plan for our family and I'm grateful for the good gifts you give." But I do fully and unconditionally love each one of my children...they are all precious regardless of the gender! But this has certainly been a struggle in my life. It DOES affect my spending habits, but even more it affects the kind of diapers I make, LOL. :) If I do end up having another girl, I probably won't buy or make much at all since I have so much from my youngest at the moment.

    I can't wait to hear what you're having!

  3. Oh no no no no no. I could never wait until delivery. I've always wanted to mother a girl, but my first was a boy. When we tried for another child, I hoped for a girl to "even things out", but two boys later...we tried again and got twins boys!...= # 4 & 5. I secretly went back to the U/S appts hoping "something" might have fallen off... It would most definitely have affected my spending habits...there would have been zero groceries and tons of pink tights :)

  4. Ha, I am definitely not the waiting-to-see-what-we've-got type! :) I need to know, to be prepared. Here is our story.

    First pregnancy: I wished for a baby boy- and got it.:) Second pregnancy: I wished for another boy- and got it. Third pregnancy: I wished for a boy (boring, eh??)- and got it. God is gracious to me. :)

    After that, I thought, for the next time, I would long for a girl, but when the time came, and I was pregnant again, I almost jumped out of my skin in happiness, when we found out that we were going to have a boy- again!

    So, we have 4 boys so far. I am not yet pregnant, but seems like this time on, I am continously longing for twins: one boy and one girl. :D Maybe it is because I started longing for a girl, but deep down I am afraid of having one after so many boys... I am not longing for a boy, but I just can't imagine me with a girl... odd and scary feeling, you know. :)

    It is so interesting that all our stories are different. It is so encouraging that God's plan of our lives is totally different, because we are different both personally and spiritually.:)

  5. i like waiting...but with number five we found out b/c with number four the three big girls prayed for a brother and got a sister...then wanted to know why God didn't give them a brother. so we headed it off this time! lol

  6. To tell the truth I didn't find out with either one. With number one, I really didn't care either way what I had so I knew I'd be happy with a surprise. With number two, I knew the exact day and time I'd have it, so I wanted at least the surprise of what gender it was. When she was born, the word spread fast and my hospital room was full of pink in no time flat. As for planning, I pretty much used neutral decor for both. Number one was stars and moons and number two was Pooh Bear. :) I liked not finding out, but it drove my family nuts!! I can't wait to hear what you're having and I know my kids will be anxious to know as well. :) Good luck!

  7. Like most people we wanted a boy first. Because it was only our first opportunity we didn't bother to find out and were extremely happy to have a boy.
    For our second child we did find out. This was also a boy and we were just as happy as the first time, as we had time on our side.
    On the third occasion we found out again, this time a girl, we were very happy to achieve some variety.
    When I fell pregnant again we found out it was yet another boy so we had a termination and by then we'd found out was was causing it so I had a tubal ligation at the same time, hallelujah!

  8. we are finding out in 3 weeks. Or, I should say I am finding out. Then that evening, we are having a gender party for family and friends to announce the gender of the baby!!!! Can''t wait to hear what you are having!

    PS. I love finding out. But we did the surprise thing with our fourth. It was really fun and special. SO hard to nest not knowing!

  9. Certainly wasn't ever patient enough, although our first was determined to be modest and keep his legs crossed the whole ultrasound! With our 5th there was no doubt she'd be a girl since she was adopted!! Congratulations!
    (yes it DOES effect my spending, it's so fun to get all those cute little outfits gender appropriate... although I must say when we couldn't find out I just bought both boy and girl things and kept it all!)



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