Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Horsin' Around

My mom and I are blessed to have a sweet friend who shows and breeds horses and she invited us out to her ranch today to see two of her new babies. Twinkle Toes (9) is obsessed with horses and this absolutely made her year! Measle (6) and Monk (10) also had a great time and all three kids got a bonus riding lesson today!

Don't you just love this caboose? It's been completely restored on the outside and our friend and her husband are having it remodeled on the inside to be their guesthouse. They'll have chairs that fold out into beds and a bathroom. We can't wait to see it finished!

This little foal was born last Thursday. Isn't she beautiful?

This colt is a couple of weeks old and is very spunky!

Here he is with his Mama. He doesn't venture too far from her at this point.

My sweet friend gave Twinkle Toes and Monk a horseback riding lesson and had them trotting and going around barrels by the end of it. Well, going around barrels slowly anyway :).

Measle decided she was content to be led around for her first time on a horse. I think riding lessons are in her future, though.

All the kids enjoyed petting the colt. He was very curious and seemed to like the attention.

Monk had not planned on riding, but after watching his sisters asked if we thought he should try it, too. I think he had more fun than anyone and did such a great job of listening and following instructions. My parents are planning on buying horses next year and the kids are so excited it's practically all they talk about. Our friend was so great to have us out to her place and take time out of her busy day for us. She was so patient with the kids and explained so much to us about breeding and ranching, too. But, I have to say Snowball was the real star today and made 3 kids exceedingly happy!


  1. What a treat! You're children are very lucky to be given the opportunity to ride horses, and to have more regular lessons in their future.

    My Ducky (8 years old) would have given just about anything to experience that! She is absolutely horse mad, but has to content her equine desires by playing an online horse game.



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