Friday, November 20, 2009

Share about the home project on your Christmas list for a chance to win a $25 Lowe's gift card

I wanted to do this last month, but when I sat down to write the post I couldn't find the gift card where I had left it. Frantic I called my husband at work and said, "Honey, you haven't seen my Lowe's gift card have you?" "Oh," he said, "It's in my wallet. I thought it was for me. Do you need it?" "No, that's ok," came my disappointed reply. However, you saw that he did put it to good use. I'm confident that there's no money better spent on a home than that spent on paint!

Now I know $25 doesn't go very far when it comes to home improvement, but maybe this is the little nudge your husband (or you if you're the do-it-yourselfer in your family) needs to get the ball rolling.

To enter to win the gift card simply comment below about the big home project on your to-do list this Holiday season. I don't know about you, but the parties and get-togethers always remind me of all those things we said we'd do on the house this year, but haven't.

You can earn additional entries by...

1. Following my blog.

2. Linking to my blog from yours.

3. Copying my button to your blog (let me know if you have trouble, sometimes it acts up.)

4. Blogging about your project, even if you haven't started it yet, and linking to this post.

So, that's 5 possible chances to win each entered by leaving a separate comment. I can't wait to hear about your projects! I'll draw the winner on next Friday so you have a week to come up with a project if you don't already have one (like that's possible!)
Now let me share with you my honey-do list. I'm really wanting my husband to paint my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This is a big job. He has to take all the doors off sand them, spray them, sand them again, spray them again, and again, replace hinges, and reinstall them. It's not as simple as just painting them (which is what I would do and he doesn't like the end result:) I'm blessed to have such a conscientious husband!
I'm also going to post about a past favorite project of ours. Look for that this weekend.


  1. Well, it's not technically a holiday project, but it happened to fall in this time of year. We're going to be building bunk beds for the girls. Currently we have all four girls in one room. There are a queen size bed, a full size bed, and two toddler beds. The queen and full are going to go and the older girls will get a bunk bed that will fit twin mattresses. The large beds were given to us, and that's why they have them. The room is really way too small for such large beds and we've been wanting to do this for almost two years now. We were just in Lowe's yesterday to pick up the wood. We were looking at the discounted paints for their walls, but didn't find anything we liked or could use. We'll be painting over wallpaper so we need oil based paint or lots of primer. Anyway, I should probably blog about this.

  2. Ok, for entry number two - I do follow your blog. :)

  3. For a third entry, I have your button on my sidebar.
    And since we could really use this card, I'll be getting my other two entries in real soon.
    It's a great idea to blog about our project. I'll do that in the next few days and get the link over here then.
    Great giveaway!!

  4. oh home improvement list is too big to put down! but i'd love to have my back deck covered...which he's working on...or my bathroom finished!

  5. I have to tell you, Jen, I feel like I own you a Chili's gift card. Not that I didn't like the salsa chicken. It was very easy and everyone ate it, but we have crockpot lasagna once a week now and it is a big hit with the family! Thanks so much for the recipe. I can never find ricotta so I just use cottage cheese and mozzarella and I use a little less meat, but it is very easy and sooooo yummy! I had trouble envisioning how it would layer, but it does so beautifully. Thanks again!

  6. Hey girl,

    My wish Christmas project is turning the closet under the stairs into a mini playroom...we have a ton of unfinished space under there. I'll show you when you come. I WISH I had know it was there as we were building the house b.c then the contractors could have done it...but thas before our kid brain!

    Also follow and have button...Tee hee!

  7. We have a small half bath that sits off our playroom. It was painted a bright yellow when we moved in. Not long after we moved in the house, my middle daughter took a purple and red crayon and colored over the whole back wall. I've tried to get the crayon off but it takes the yellow paint off too. The whole room needs repainted. (I didn't like the yellow anyway! :) It is definitly on the to do list!

  8. If I won this card, I would buy a can of HOT PINK paint for my girls room. We have the paint swatches up and have the color picked out. They can't wait. But for some reason, can never have the extra funds needed. As silly as that sounds but its true. So That would be what I run out and buy and have their room painted for Christmas =)))))

  9. First, we need a home. I have my eye on a great foreclosure deal. It needs work so the card would be a great start on the carpet,painting and appliances it needs. Pray for Gods leading in our lives. Hubby has been out of work since January. He is back to work now but in another state. Would like to stay in Mississippi.

  10. Ok,here's my post about our project.
    This is for a fourth entry; blogging about it. What do I use for a fifth entry; linking to your blog? Do I use your button or this post?

  11. Jen, I think that looks really exciting! Will you put 1 toddler bed under each twin?

    We have high ceilings and I love this idea. I would love for our 3 girls to share a room, but the kids' rooms are not very big. Loft beds would make it do-able, though. Thanks for the good idea!

  12. Project: bathrooms. Wallpaper removed, texture done, paint completed. Now the finishing touches - window treated, shower curtain ordered and looking for bath mats.

  13. Just became a follower after reading for a while and enjoying your blog.



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