Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mr. Do-it-himself does it again

I've been so egocentric always posting about me and my thoughts, so tonight I want to post about Big D and how he did something for me. There I go again, oh well, it is my blog. Anyway, have I told you Big D can fix anything, build anything, paint anything, plumb anything? Have I told you he's a perfectionist? Well he can, and he is. The downside to having a do-it-yourselfer husband who's also a perfectionist is that it takes a loooooong time to complete projects. The upside is, well obvious. We bought a one-story ranch-style house 6.5 years ago with the intention of adding onto it. My husband noticed when we first looked at it that it had an especially steep pitched roof which made for a HUGE attic space. We dreamed and talked and he drew up some plans. Then we got our chance to take the plunge. A gigantic hail storm swept through our part of town 5 years ago and ruined most of the roofs in the neighborhood. We had a shake shingle roof, expensive to replace and expensive to insure. Our insurance company strongly encouraged us to go with a cheaper composite roof and left us with enough extra money to start on our upstairs addition. Five years later, we're still working on it!

Big D just finished painting the cabinets in the upstairs bathroom and IT IS DONE!!

One of the first things Big D did in order to make the bathroom functional was install this pedastal sink. It's a very small bathroom and is only used full-time by our oldest son. Since the kids all play upstairs though it gets used off and on by all the kids throughout the day.

One of the next projects for Big D was tiling the shower area. It was not his first tile job, but it was his first shower. Big D is so artistic and creative that he can't stand for anything to be run-of-the-mill. I asked for plain white and I got plain white with blue tile accents. There's also an accent on the ceiling.

Painting the cabinetry is what he finished up tonight. He did not make the cabinet doors, but bought them unfinished. He sanded them and primed them and painted multiple coats. Then put on the pulls. He makes everything look professional quality, I know I'm blessed!

Our 10 year old son painted this last summer and I thought I'd hang it over the toilet in his bathroom.

Well, there you have it. How do you like our upstairs bathroom? What do you think of Big D's handywork? He's not for hire, you can't have him- I have already requested re-painted kitchen cabinets and master bathroom cabinets for Christmas:)


  1. I'm glad that you made it clear that he's not for hire. He really does wonderful work and I love your bathroom, especially the artwork!

  2. I agree with Kim. wow, he does good work! Yes you are blessed! About not hearing from me in a while, well that's thanks to the Army not publishing our orders so we had to postpone our move,and now we are living in boxes and dealing with selling the house issues, and driving to our new town to get our new rental, then driving back, packing some more, blah blah blah. LOTS of stuff going on in our household. Hopefully it will slow down after we move next week.

  3. I think your husband is very talented, although I can imagine how frustrating it must be when it takes a long time to get things finished. My HB built most of the extension on our first home and it took a loooong time, but that was because he had so much work that he rarely had a moment to get the building done.

    And I think your son is very artistic too - what a lovely painting.

  4. Oh ! How beautiful. I too, have a ped. sink and love it!!!Happy for you

  5. Oh wow. It looks awesome and the painting by your son is absolutely FANTASTIC!

    My hubby is the same way, very handy but it takes FOREVER to get projects finished because they have to be just so ;)

  6. Thanks for your comment on Internet Cafe. You totally encouraged me! Your husband and my husband are complete opposites! My Big D (and his name really does start with a "D")is not a fixer-upper, but he's pretty good at writing checks and blessings others with the work ;-)

    Have a blessed Tuesday!


  7. What a beautiful bathroom. And I love the cabinets. I could use some good storage like that! My hubby is also a jack of all trades, which is both good and bad. Good that he can do anything, bad that he never has time enough to do all that he needs to do! And I could keep him busy for years. :)

  8. Hey, looking good! Great cabinets, and the painting is smashing too!



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