Saturday, November 14, 2009

Double Takes?

I took some pics of Baby Lu the other day. I think she's looking more like me now than she was for a while. What do you think? She's on the left and I'm on the right.

OK, now Lu is still on the left below and just for fun I threw in a similar pic on the right of someone else in our family. Who is it? Your only options are me, Twinkle Toes, or Measle. Hint, hint- see the date?


  1. Definately a mini me. She is so cute!! I miss that age so much!

  2. She is so cute. She is definitely your mini-me!!

    My oldest looks/talks/walks/thinks like his dad. My youngest looks just like her dad. I have no children that look like me. I think I need to have another one! LOL

  3. I see the resemblance, but as I said you were much cuter. In the second from the last picture I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't Mia. I really thought Lucy looked like Grace in her sonogram. Babies change.

  4. I cannot believe the resemblence. thats crazy! too cute!

  5. Wow, she really looks like you! So neat to see that. And I can see where she got her hair from, too! You had as much as she does.

  6. This is so precious! I love to see the pics of you when you were little. Adorable.

  7. The mystery girl is the Measle. Most people think she looks even more like me than Baby Lu does. Lu is a cross between her older sisters. I'll have to post some baby pics of my husband along with Twinkle Toes' baby pictures. She looks the most like her dad.



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