Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Family Portrait

This was the theme of the girls art class today. I have very artistic little girls, but sometimes I do wonder about their interpretations.

This is 8 yr old Twinkle Toe's portrait of our family. Notice she's holding Baby Lu, isn't that sweet? She also made certain to get each member of her family's hair color just right. Such attention to detail! Hmmm, why am I the biggest person in our family? Big D, who played football in high school and college is 6'3" 230+ lbs. I am NOT bigger than him. Even pregnant I'm not as big as he is!! It must be my larger than life personality or maybe that I'm such a great figure in her life! Ha! Also, notice that key in pencil next to my head. What does that mean? Mommy holds the key to happiness?

Now for Measle's (6 yrs) family portrait. It's a little more dark than her sister's. Everyone, but Baby Lu is looking quite mischevious. Of course, Lu would be an angel in her big sister's eyes (in reality Lu is the MOST mischevious of the bunch!) This time I'm holding Baby Lu (Measle is not supposed to pick up Lu without permission- for good reason- she has dropped her before) so I'm glad of that. And once again, I'm the biggest member of the family! My head is nowhere near the size of my husband's huge noggin in real life. Maybe she sees me as having a giant intellect! Ha ha ha!

All kidding aside, I'm glad my girls are so happy with their family and take pride in their work. Oh and I just asked Twinkle Toes about the meaning of the key and she said, "Huh? Oh, I was just doodling." Hmmm. Maybe her subconscious mind at work?


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I think I have "seen" you over at Raising Olives. Always nice to meet new people.

    My newly-turned 17 yos is reading the Henty. He has been reading them for a few years, but my 13 yos struggles with them. We find the Ballantyne books are actually better and much more Christian in nature. We are buying those up now.

    My husband mostly reads theology books as well. A throwback to his seminary days, I suppose. He doesn't have time to read as much as he would like, so sticks with his Bible and theology.

    And children's drawings of their family can be hilarious. One of our son's drawings always had everyone with ball looking feet.

    You have a sweet looking bunch of children...

  2. I love when my girls draw our family! I'm a homeschooling mommy to three girls. :) makes life incredibly fun! Your family is beautiful. found you through lynnette's. :)

  3. So cute! My favorite child drawing of the past few years was the family portrait our 4 yr old drew, so sweet! I love how children interpret things!
    Enjoy them-

  4. Wonderful! And our children have to draw us larger than everyone clearly has to do with the size of our hearts. =)



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