Saturday, November 14, 2009

My, how I've changed!!

There must be something about the number 5 when it comes to having kids. I know I never allowed my first 4 to eat chocolate before their first birthday, maybe not even until after their second birthday. What's happened to me?

We never let babies sleep with us either, but somehow all of a sudden we can't stand the sound of a baby crying. OK, I'm going to admit something here. Sometimes we just want her in our bed with us. And it's NOT just me, Big D has gone soft, too. The other day after one of our slumber parties, Baby Lu woke me up a little too early so I tried putting her back to sleep by rubbing her tummy. She got very quiet and still so I thought she was asleep again and stopped. In a second I felt this little hand grab mine and rub her tummy with it. Is that hysterical? She's so spoiled! What happened to following Babywise to the letter?

Well, look at her! I know all our adorable kids have been this cute at this age, but you forget. Look at that little face! You just want to reach out and pinch her cheeks, don't you?

Could you say no to her? Now do you understand? My mom says I spoil all my babies then whip them into shape when they're older. Oh good, then there's still time. For now I'm going to enjoy spoiling my baby!


  1. LOL, my mom says the same thing about me. And yes, I could just squeeze and love on those cheeks.

  2. Babywise...I tried, oh I tried. It turned out that showering my kids with love whenever they wanted it didn't screw them up. As a matter of fact, when I observe other children, with and without their parents, I find I'm rather happy with my results. The book still sits among my other books and every once in a while I'll pick it up and see if something new speaks to me but typically I find myself thinking "what harm is there in that?"

    BTW, great pictures!

  3. How could you resist!!!!! I'm all for the spoiling!

  4. I've gotten to be a softie with #5, as well. And I think that's just fine ;-) There's nothing wrong with a mama lovin' on her baby :-D



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