Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Winners of the Intelligent Design Book Giveaway!!

I have two repeat winners! I would say that means you're lucky, but I don't believe in luck!

Jan- Darwin's Black Box by Michael Behe

Valerie- The Lie by Ken Ham

Bridget- The Lie by Ken Ham

Billie- Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells

And Mum-me- you win the best, most thought-provoking comment award. And since getting feedback is what it's all about, I'm going to send you another copy of Darwin's Black Box that I was holding back for a special occasion.

Bridget and Mum-me please email me your addresses at spidel@suddenlink.net

I've got the others:)


  1. wow!!!! I love the way your kids draw names!!!!
    OK now I am just going to have to return the favor and send you something cool.....hummmmmmm

  2. Just getting to know you has been a blessing!

  3. Awesome!!!!! I think my son and I will read it together. Maybe he will do a review on his blog about the book haha! Thank you! Tell your beautiful kids we say thank you too:)

  4. You're welcome! I'm grateful that you wonderful ladies stop by my little corner of the blog universe!



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