Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Than My Fair Share

It seems to me like I have more than my fair share of unusual experiences.

Today I was at the UPS store with my three youngest children mailing books to the winners of my last giveaway. I have a little trick that I use when I'm out with multiple little ones in tow. I tell them to put their hands in their pockets to avoid the temptation to touch, or hit, or shove (you get the idea). So Measle and All American Boy are walking around the UPS store with their hands in their pockets. Next thing I know I look over and my 3 yr old son is eating cherub tomatoes. Evidently he and his sister had picked them from their dad's garden while playing in the back yard. And always one to be prepared, and usually a little hungry, my All American Boy decided he'd put a few in his pockets for later.

I thought that was cute and had a nice chuckle over it. Then after I finished stuffing and addressing my envelopes I notice my 3 yr old with a green onion in his hand nibbling away at the green part. He acted like it was the most natural thing in the world. Like he was chewing on a stick of gum or something. I thought that was truly strange. The cherub tomatoes I could understand, because we eat them raw. But, of all things, a green onion? I wonder what made him decide to take an onion for the road. Well, I'm sure the Measle must have been behind it somehow.

Yes, I think I have more than my fair share of unusual experiences. I also have more than my fair share of kids. And more than my fair share of friends. And more than my fair share of love. And more than my fair share of joy. And more than my fair share of blessings. And more than my fair share of grace.

And more than my fair share of html strict 1.0 errors, at least according to technorati. 487! And 186 warnings. That's gotta be a record. (That's just a little blog humor- sort of. I'm laughing through my tears.)

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