Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Giveaway

I'm so excited about my first giveaway! I love books so it makes sense for me to give books. I'm especially enthusiastic about books that work well for family devotional or family worship time.

I have three copies of The Royal Attributes of God that I want to give away. This is a wonderful little book illustrated by a friend. It contains 30 attributes of God and explains each one in English on one page and Chinese on the other (this would be especially cool for a family that has a little one they adopted from China). Our friend's watercolor illustrations provide the backdrop for the attributes.

I've used this booklet with my kids and it's especially helpful for younger kids. It helps them understand big words like "accessible" and "immutable" and "omnipotent" that we don't use everyday. Giving them a more clear understanding of God assists their little hearts in praising Him.

OK, here's what you do to get one of these books! Leave a comment under this post and tell me why this book would be great for your family. There will be 3 winners. So please comment and if you're not interested in this one (kids too old or whatever) tell your friends about the giveaway.


  1. I would love this book just for the fact that you can never hear enough about the attributes of God......its humbling and amazing to learn how awesome He is, and often in comparison, how not awesome we But what a great God that he still loves us!

  2. I have three daughters that I am teaching to love God and to follow God in their lives. This book would be awesome to add to our day. :)

  3. I just did an adult bible study last fall on the attributes of cool one on a child's level! I need that book!!!
    You have gotten a lot of followers in a short amount of time....I have gotten lots of traffic from your blog too!

  4. Sounds like a great book for little ones! I've got 4 youngsters... but it would probably be good for me too!

  5. I have heard you talk about this book on numerous occasions and it sounds like a great addition to our family's devotion time.....(and I need all the help i can get).

    I have really enjoyed following your blogs...keep 'em coming!

  6. I'm so glad you're all interested! What a testimony to your hearts for the Lord and your children. I'm going to allow one more day for comments then Friday I'll announce the three winners. I'll just draw names out of a bowl. If you don't win this time, be encouraged. My friend, the illustrator, says the English/Spanish versions with Hispanic art will be here shortly.

  7. I have a little one who is 14 months and is quite the chatter box. I'm a bit scared of what she is going to be asking me when she actually can ask me what things mean. I think this book would be so neat to have in her library of "cooks" as she calls them.

  8. There is a saying that you can never have too many books, just not eough time to read them all. This book looks like it would be very welcome into our collection, but we're in the UK so I'm not sure we'd qualify to win.



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