Friday, September 11, 2009

Intelligent Design Book Giveaway!!!

I have 1 copy of Darwin's Black Box, 1 copy of Icons of Evolution, and 2 copies of The Lie- all great intelligent design books.

Darwin's Black Box is written for the lay person, but is not what I would call an easy read. It's well worth the effort, though, in my opinion. Behe argues in favor of intelligent design based on the complexity of molecular biology, something he's well acquainted with.

Icons by Jonathan Wells is a much easier read and focuses on debunking the famous icons of evolution (what you learned in public school) one by one. It would be appropriate for high school students on up.

The Lie by Ken Ham is written for kids. My 10 and 8 year olds have been enjoying it.

How to enter to win one of these books:

Read my post on choosing God over Darwin and comment on it. I would love to hear your experience with evolution indoctrination or attempted indoctrination. What ministry or book or DVD, besides the Bible, has encouraged you in your "intelligent design" beliefs. Please be sure to tell me in your comment which book or books you're interested in and I will do separate drawings for each.

You can also comment here. Either place is fine. Is this a topic that interests anyone or is it just me?


  1. NO NOT JUST YOU!! I love defending Creationism. I was raised on evolution not creationism and never thought much about either. I became a committed Christian when I was nineteen and only a few years ago decided to figure the two out. I could not believe how baseless and filled with errors the Evolutionary theory is. I watched the Creation Seminar by Dr. Hovind, and that did the most for me as far as showing me the errors of evolution and showing the scientific proof for creation (but I DO NOT agree with some of other statements he makes on his DVD's that have to do with some conspiracy theories, But He is very smart when it comes to science). Since then some movies I have enjoyed are "Icons of Evolution", "Unlocking the Mysteries of Life", "Privileged Planet", and some really good ones for kids and adults alike is the series "Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution". These were all found on Netflix but I also own the first three.
    That's my short list! lol'

  2. Wow! The DVD Icons of Evolution that you mentioned is based on the book of the same name that I'm offering. Which of the books would you be most interested in?

  3. I am interested in "Icons of Evolution" for sure. I might have to check out those DVDs your friend has mentioned above too. To be honest, I have not studied this topic too much but would like to be more educated (correctly that is and way beyond whatever I vaguely remember from 8th grade science). I believe the Word is infallible and as a result I have not wrestled with this personally. Surprisingly, somehow in my time at UT and here in Austin, I have not discussed this topic much with others. That is possibly another reason why I have not been encouraged to personally study this topic as much.

  4. Jan,
    I can't believe it wasn't an issue at UT. What did you major in? My profs were great at Pepperdine, but it was still "embedded" into the biology text books. Again, in my doctorate program my profs didn't push it, but evolution was the assumption of every text. I love science and I love the Bible, so I guess it's natural that I love putting them together! I think you would enjoy Icons of Evolution.

  5. I love the evidence for creation! We have the Kent Hovind videos which are great (though he is VERY sarcastic).

    You should check out Evolution: The Grand Experiment for your children - it is WONDERFUL! I'm almost done the first volume and it's just great! There's a DVD series too, but I haven't seen it.

  6. I am very interested in The Lie and Icons of Evolution. This is a fascinating topic. We recently watched Exposed and it was amazing to me that scientists were willing to believe in aliens coming down just to fertilize the Earth, but were not willing to believe in God. They are so blind!


  7. I majored in Management. Somewhat thankfully and a bit regretfully I really only hung out in my Christian bubble at UT. The only time I ever recall talking with anyone at UT about this was my freshman year with a boy I dated who was studying geology. He was all about the chimps. Needless to say and not because of the chimps, we didn't date for very long.

  8. The one I would be MOST interested in would be "The Lie" by Ken Ham, and "Darwin's Black Box"



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