Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day at the Ranch

First things first. Big D and Twinkle Toes off to the shooting range. If you think this is weird, it isn't. It's a Texas thing.

My dad's in the other gator.

My three littlest ones swinging sweetly.

My All American Boy on his gator.

One of our sweet friends holding Baby Lu.

Baby Lu inside the ranch house that my mom keeps looking so cute.

Measle and her brother in the ranch house.

My mom, grandmother, and our friend making yummy lunch.

Baby Lu worn out from all the good food and good times.

Mr. Monk enjoying the zip line. I wish I'd taken a picture of him mowing!

My mom holding Baby Lu and a friend of ours posing with the canyon in background.

I joined my mom and Lu.

Lu wasn't so sure about the hike. She's holding on for dear life!

Don't forget about the attributes of God book giveaway. Comment in the previous post for a chance to win one. I have three copies I want to give away!


  1. These are beautiful pictures. I love that big sky & tall grasses. Looks like a beautiful day. Lu looks really tuckered!

  2. Where is the ranch? You might want to reply via email....this would be fun to do with ya'll sometime....

  3. It's on the edge of Palo Duro canyon. We're very blessed! A fun time was had by all!



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