Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They say stress inhibits labor. Don't think I'll be going into labor today.

My bedroom, all covered up and being prepped and papered.

My closet, filled with books.

The living room with window treatments and an entertainment center in the way.

The entryway with Calvin's co-sleeper and two bookshelves doubling as road blocks.
 On a brighter note, I'm planning eggplant parmesan for dinner with lots of basil and oregano.  Maybe that will do the trick.  That and hopefully getting my house back in order tomorrow or the next day.


  1. oh goodness! what is going on at your house???

  2. Oh my! That is stressing me out. I hope you get everything back in order before you go in to labor!
    We are off to xc practice...I was just checking in to see if were at the hospital. Send me an email when you go!
    I'm praying for you!!

  3. Just a little last minute nesting. Our bedroom walls had to be prepped and now they're being wallpapered. Hopefully we'll be able to move all the furniture and decorations back in by tomorrow or the next day. Perfect timing, huh?


  4. Let's see...I think you must be nesting with all those projects going on. Remember to rest and save some of that energy for the joy ahead ~ surely won't be long before that sweet babe is in your arms.

    Praying for you and your soon-to-be delivery...

    Blessings ~

  5. It will be so worth it! And for now, at least its giving you something to do...not that 5 little ones don't! lol!

  6. Stress Inhibits labor??? No wonder why im still pregnant... if thats true, i'll be pregnant forever...ugh....

  7. Looks like youŕe well into the nesting phase - shouldn´t be long now until you´re holding your precious new blessing! I hope you get a chance to sit down & put your feet up
    Have a lovely day

  8. I know you've had the baby, but I have to agree with the whole stress inhibits labor thing. And my midwife thinks so too. I was pretty stressed with out whole situation a month ago and our baby was 9 days late. My midwife mentioned that very thing on our last visit before I went into labor. When I got settled to where we are now it was only a few days before it happened. So yeah, I can see that being true.



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