Monday, October 4, 2010

No change?! Birthdays, one... more... week, and bread from heaven.

I was just sure that after missing two nights sleep this week due to contractions that I would be well on my way to labor today.  In fact, I had convinced myself that today was the day.  I've always loved the number 4, so what better day for a birthday?  (I have a 4th and a 16th, great numbers, a 6th, an ok number, and an 11th and a 23rd, terrible numbers.  I mean who wants their birthday to fall on a prime number?  I was born on the 2nd, by the way.  Is it odd that I have a thing for numbers?  I forget that most people don't think about such things.  Remember, this OCD chick popped a tendon in her finger a couple of weeks ago cleaning a stain out of her carpet.  Hey, at least I no longer have an invisible string that trails along behind me requiring I always go out the way I came in.  Either that or I just do it automatically now.  I do, however, have to wear a splint on my finger for 2 more months!)  Anyway, I learned at my appointment that my cervix has not changed.  Not one bit.  I'm still 75% and 3.5.  At least Baby Calvin has turned and is no longer posterior.  I suppose that could have been stalling things. 

I admit that I'm weak.  I've given in.  I know I said I wasn't going to be induced this time around, but here I am at that oh so desperate stage once again.  I made an appointment for next Monday morning, just... in... case.  According to my estimates, he'll weigh 9.5 Lbs by then so I'm hoping to go into labor before Monday.  Somehow having the appointment helps keep hope alive.  This pregnancy will end.  And to let you know how desperate I am to have this baby, next Monday is the 11th!  I've got to go into labor before then.  If not today, maybe the 8th.  I've always liked the number 8, since it's a multiple of 4 and all.

In other news, my bedroom is getting wallpapered this week.  I've been vacuuming up 7.5 yrs worth of dust bunnies from behind bookcases, the entertainment center, dressers, and our bed.  It is quite embarassing the amount of dust we've been living with.  It's amazing we can breathe at all in there.  But, does anyone move furniture that heavy if they don't have to?  I have 10 large stacks of books, many textbooks, in my closet right now awaiting purging and reorganization before being reshelved.  Why do I have such trouble parting with books?  I keep thinking I may need to look something up in one of them.

And just to show you I haven't completely lost my sense of humor, though I'm definitely a bit more sardonic than usual, I'll end with a cute story.  As we were driving along in the car the other day we passed a field that was planted with cotton (not something you see everyday around here).  Measle (7) turned to me and exclaimed in a most excited tone, "Mom, is that manna?"  She was disappointed to learn it was just cotton.  I don't know if I should be happy that she remembered manna was white and covered the fields each morning or concerned that she missed the little fact that the Israelites were in the desert with no grocery stores.  Oh well, she was partially listening anyway.


  1. Celee~
    I'm so sorry you are still pregnant. *And* I have NEVER gone through the INSANE amount of nesting that you're going through. Your house must be absolutely spotless by now :) Do you do this with each pregnancy?

    We're celebrating Baby Judah's First B'day on the 6th. Maybe that'll be the day for you...wait, you said NO 6th. You are OCD!

    I must also disclose (in case I haven't yet), I only went on my own once, with my oldest. 4 induced...and 2 Castor Oil (or maybe on their own, at any rate, I took Castor Oil, and within 12 hours, they were here:). I was desperate. Again, gagging as I type it ...

    LOVE the manna story, makes all this homeschooling worth it, doesn't it :)

  2. Kathi- Queen's birthday is Oct 6th, too. I don't know if they would enjoy sharing a birthday or not, but I'm just desperate enough that I'll take it! I don't think I'm desperate enough for castor oil, yet, though.


  3. hang in there dear...and nope, it'snot weird. it drove me crazy to have just three children! lol

  4. Hang tight... 7 more days at the LATEST! You can do it... but I feel your pain. I contract all night and lose sleep and have more aches and pains then a 95 year old.... not to mention horrible pain in my fingers?? UGH. I go in next Thursday... just 3 days after you =)) But im praying HARD for deliverance before then... ;)

  5. A-hem. My birthday is October the 11th, and this OCD girl thinks it is the best birthday ever!! I have been a national a few times, and have always wanted an October baby, but never got one:(

  6. All the contractions you've been having were probably turning baby Calvin- which is great! That's how I seem to labor: lots of (real! painful!) contractions over the days and weeks before the birth then when I really do go into labor it's like I should have left for the hospital 15 minutes ago. Last time my doctor and doula both missed the birth and luckily my husband was actually at home when I went into labor! Maybe you will have a quick labor too. Both my boys were posterior at some point near the end, but came out facing the right way so all the contractions I was having were not only just getting me ready for labor, but also helping the baby to turn into a better position for birth.

    Hey, wouldn't 10/10/10 be a cool birthday? Or is that a little too much?

  7. I hope you're right, Amy! And yes, 10/10/10 would be a very cool birthday. Memorable, anyway.

  8. Hey I thought I was the only person with that strange number personality trait - except mine number is 7!!
    Hope your baby comes soon for you
    Take care

  9. You have our thoughts and prayers for a safe labor and delivery whatever the date is. Oh, and I'm with you on the OCD thing. I think that is one reason God blessed us with many children, it's a good cure for OCD, or if not a cure it at least tames it down a bit.



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