Thursday, October 7, 2010

My annual book purge

Actually, it's probably more like my biannual book purge, but it certainly seems like I do this every year.  I hadn't really planned on reorganizing our library 4 days before I have a baby (see, acceptance has finally set in), but since I had to take all the books out of our bedroom bookcases anyway it seemed like the time.  It was painful, but I forced myself to part with two laundry baskets full of books and textbooks.  We have a local bookstore that gives store credit in exchange for trading in good condition used books that they're interested in.  Unfortunately they only wanted about a quarter of my books so I still need to find a loving home for the rest of them.  In typical Celee-style, I earned $21 credit, but spent $35 on books.  They're pretty sneaky, really.  They make you wait while they evaluate your books.  I was stuck waiting for 30 minutes in a bookstore.  I actually put back several titles.  Anyway, I'm very excited to read 1776 and John Adams by David McCullough.  (My justification is that the kids and I are studying American history this year.  I am their teacher, after all.)  And the main thing is I got rid of around 60 books and only bought 2.  Not bad, huh?

Here's what our bedroom bookcases look like now. 

I can't believe there are actually a few spaces, where books were double-shelved before.  I'm sure this is too much information, but in the left bookcase my shelves arranged by categories are:  parenting, homeschool, devotionals and Christian living, theology and Christian biographies, and Bible studies.  In the right bookcase are my remaining textbooks, pregnancy books, health and nutrition, adoption books, and science interest and biographies. 

I'm not going to take on our living room bookshelves right now.  I'll save that for a rainy day :) .   I am, however, expecting that Pottery Barn cubby shelf that arrived damaged last week to come any minute.  As soon as it's here I'll fill it with homeschool paraphernalia that's coming out our ears.  How could we have gone from organized and everything in its place at the beginning of the school year to complete disorganization and disarray in 7 short weeks?  I know what my husband would say.  The cure is to stop buying books!!!  He'll be so happy when he comes home tonight and sees how many books I parted with!  As long as I didn't get rid of any of his!

Well, I better go now.  I can't wait to get started on 1776!

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  1. Great job with the book purge! I have to stay out of bookstores or else I come home with books.

    I hope you enjoy 1776! I've seen it mentioned by a few different bloggers. Maybe I should check it out. :)



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