Thursday, October 21, 2010

American Revolution: help and fun

I seldom have an idea on my own, but I'm so grateful for all you homeschool moms out there who have given me great ideas for supplementing our studies.  Since having a baby last week, we've been doing adapted school around here.  I'm not quite pulling my weight yet (ie read-aloud has been sporadic at best) so I wanted the kids to have extra books and activities to keep them learning while I'm on vacation (if nursing 8 hrs per day can be called vacation).

Extra books:

For me- 1776 by David McCullough- I loved this book!  It gives a great overview of the American Revolution focusing on the leaders of the war and giving a nice mixture of battle descriptions and personal correspondence.  Next up for me is John Adams.  And I'm still plugging away at George Washington's Sacred Fire.

For the kids- The Declaration of Independence by Michael Burgan, And then what happened Paul Revere?  by Jean Fritz, The Winter at Valley Forge by James E. Knight, Guns for General Washington by , Tolliver's Secret by Esther Wood Brady  (These are in addition to their Sonlight Core 3-4 readers.)


Drive Thru History American with Dave Stotts:  Foundations of Character
This set includes short biographies on the founding fathers. 

Liberty's Kids historical cartoons.  My kids have really enjoyed these, especially my 9 and 7 year old daughters.


History Pockets The American Revolution

Professor Noggin's American Revolution card game

So that's what we've been up to.  I have to confess I've learned more about the American Revolution than I did in school.  Big surprise.


  1. I am not surprised at all that you have learned more about the American Revolution than you learned in school. I don't think I learned anything in school! Especially in history. I am just loving learning with my children!

    Our visiting preacher a couple of weeks ago recommended the John Adams book you mentioned. I plan to buy it for my hubby for a Christmas gift, and then I can read it too!

    You are doing a great job keeping your school going while you are on vacation!

  2. We LOVE Jean Fritz and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Liberty's Kids.

    We're reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Courage of Sarah Noble aloud right now.

    And, I'm always learning as much as the kids. Always.

    Hope you're feeling well. All you Moms of Newborns are giving me Baby Fever! :)

  3. I bought the entire series of Liberty Kids. It was a GREAT investment! My kids know more about the American Rev. than most adults! congrats on Baby Calvin. Man, he has a LOT of hair!

  4. Nursing 8 hours a day is not vacation, but does make you sleepy!

  5. No, not a vacation at all, but you do have a great back-up plan for school. I think it would make a great A plan. You're doing great!!

  6. Glad you really liked 1776! I'm going to get a copy from my library.



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