Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Day Another Milestone

I can't believe the summer flew by and I never worked with the Measle on riding her bike without training wheels. It seems like with each subsequent kid I get around to teaching them the same basic skills much later. Mr. Monk was reading well when he was 4, riding a bike without training wheels when he was 5, and tying his shoes when he went to Kindergarten. Of course, we spent thousands of hours teaching him these skills. Then with Twinkle Toes I taught her to read when she was 5 and taught her to tie her shoes while we were waiting for an oil change (yes, it was that easy). I remember she was determined to ride a bike without training wheels as soon as she turned 6 and literally learned in about 15 minutes!

But, this post is about the Measle, who incidentally taught herself to tie her shoes sometime last year:) After we cleaned up the mess from supper tonight I knew we had about 20-30 minutes before LOL would need her evening bottle, so I told Measle that she was going to have to learn quickly like her sister did. Boy, did she! The Measle is not reserved like her sister, so she was whooping and hollering as she rode up and down the parking lot. I'm so proud of her! You'd think she won the lottery.

Milestones are a frequent occurrance around here, but this is a big one in my book! Way to go Measle!

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