Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interruptions are a Part of Life and a Very Big Part of Homeschooling 3 Kids with a Preschooler and Baby Underfoot

Measle is learning about communication in her Social Studies workbook. She was supposed to circle the picture in a two picture series that happened first. For instance, one set showed a phone ringing in one picture and a mommy talking on the phone in the next. Measle knew that the phone had to ring first before the mommy could answer it and talk into it. In another set, she understood that firefighters came and put out a fire in a building only after the building caught on fire. This is not rocket science, right? Well, the third set of pictures showed a crying baby in one picture and the mommy feeding the baby in the highchair in the other picture. Measle circled the picture of the baby eating in her highchair. I explained to her that she missed that one because the baby cried first to communicate to the mommy she was hungry and then the mommy picked her up and put her in her highchair to feed her. Measle said, "Oh, I thought the mommy was feeding her and then had to leave her there and go do something else, so the baby started crying. You know, like you do with our baby." I had to give her that one and we decided not to count it wrong even though NORMALLY or perhaps IDEALLY it would go the other way around.

I remember a friend of mine who homeschooled 3 kids asking me shortly after I had my 3rd if I felt like I had roller skates on. At the time, I looked at her kind of quizzically, like "huh"?

Now I get it!

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