Thursday, January 27, 2011

90 Day Bible Challenge- Kindle style and while nursing update

I haven't posted much on my Bible reading this time around, but wanted to give a brief update.  I'm reading 1 Chronicles right now.  I think I'm on day 28 or so, still a few days ahead.  I love reading with the Kindle this time.  It wouldn't have worked well for my first couple of times through the 90 day challenge, because I wrote way too many notes while reading.  This time, though, it's working like a charm.  Mainly, I love how small and easy the Kindle is to handle.  I can easily read while nursing Calvin and usually have my reading done by the time he's nursed two or three times, so by lunch.  I haven't been taking notes this time, but I have been surprised that things stick with me throughout the day and I've even looked up questions later. 

I've found this is the easiest the challenge has ever been for me.  That may because I'm used to it, this being my third time in a little over a year, or it may be because I have to sit and nurse the baby so often that it forces me to get off my feet long enough to read.  The latter is more likely. 

I was impressed once again with the important role we mothers play in the faith of our children when I realized that Caleb's father was not an Israelite.  He was a Kenizzite.  So Caleb's father was descended from Abraham, but not Isaac.  He was descended from Esau.  Interesting.  Maybe Caleb's father was a believer.  Maybe his father was also a slave in Egypt.  The Bible doesn't tell us, at least not that I could find.  But we do know Caleb's mother was a Jew and that Caleb, along with Joshua, trusted God to deliver the land of Canaan to the Israelites when the other spies were afraid and "leaning on their own understanding".  Caleb believed God's promises.  Caleb trusted in God's provision and protection.  Caleb knew the Canaanites were no match for the omnipotent God of the universe.  His mother must have had a formative role in training up Caleb.  God was so pleased with Caleb's faith and courage that Moses allowed Caleb to hand pick his inheritance (land for Judah) whereas the other tribes had their portions chosen by lot.  Interesting.

How's your reading coming along?


  1. I am reading the 90 day challenge on my iTouch. It's much easier to handle while nursing or even for reading in bed before hubby wakes in the morning. I'm entering some notes, but fewer than last time.

    This has been a tough week and I'm currently a day behind, but hope to get caught up tomorrow.

    I'm enter

  2. Great job!!! So proud of you. Nursing, reading, challenging..... :)
    I do have to say, that although I do not have a kindle, I have used my moms and it rocks!

  3. Great job staying consistent with your reading. What a blessing to have Kindle!



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