Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We enjoy our trees one at a time.

We've been really enjoying our Crabapple tree lately, which reminds me of a story.

I'm a 5th generation West Texan. I love my home, even though we don't have many trees. My grandmother was no different. She grew up on the Great Plains and even lived the first few years of her life in a dug out. My poor husband on the other hand has had a hard time adjusting to a home without trees. (Well, with small trees that have to be tenderly cared for:) It was the same with my mother who was an Air Force brat and grew up all over the place. She and my dad met in high school and married shortly thereafter. My mom always longed for trees. When my parents were newly married my dad was in the Army and one time they were stationed in Maryland. My mom loved all the trees and when her mother-in-law, my Granny, came to visit she wanted to show her all the big, beautiful trees. She said, "Mom Bell, can you believe the trees? Aren't they just beautiful?" My Granny turned to her and said, "You know Tave. To tell you the truth, I prefer to enjoy my trees one at a time, silhouetted against the horizon." My mom was speechless, but we still tell that story today in our family. So, there you have it. We West Texans like to enjoy our trees one at a time.
Isn't it beautiful? We planted this little guy about 5 years ago and finally this year we didn't have a late freeze. Or maybe I should say we haven't, yet.

In other news, our All American Boy turned 4 this week and here he is blowing some of his birthday bubbles.

Baby Lu (18 mos.) loves going down the slide, but she has learned that it's best when there's someone there to catch her at the bottom. When the other kids have come inside and she wants to slide, she just sits at the top and calls for one of her siblings to come rescue her.
By the way, thanks for all the helpful advice about our math situation. We're in the process of solving this dilemma and I'll post about it when we get it all figured out. Thanks again.


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  2. I love the way West Texans enjoy their trees! What a wonderful way to look and appreciate God's creation.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog.



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