Monday, April 5, 2010

Still at it!

I've decided I need a new category for blog posts entitled The Adventures of Baby Lu. I haven't been good about grabbing the camera lately, but believe me, she's still at it. A few days ago she climbed the ladder to the fort out back and went down the slide on her own. I'm pretty sure the other kids were closer to 2 when they did that for the first time. Today when I caught her in the girls bathroom getting into mischief I just had to capture the moment.

I picked her up, closed the bathroom drawers and carried her outside the bathroom before setting her down. Then I walked away to upload the picture. A few minutes later I found her right back at it again.

She's looking at me like, "What?" I suppose in her mind it's perfectly natural to sit on the bathroom counter in order to brush your teeth.

Testing out the water. Yep, it's just right for brushing my teeth.

Looking quite pleased with herself, as usual. And I'm so glad she decided to wash that marker off her feet while she was up there.


  1. I love pictures of little ones exploring and playing in their adventures.

  2. Precious! Isn't it amazing the things they can accomplish.



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