Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rainy days and recitals

We don't get much rain around here and 3 days of rain in a row is almost unheard of. My kids wanted to be out in it every second. Here are Twinkle Toes (9), American Boy (4), and Measle (6) posing outside with their shades. I think they had some kind of club going and glasses were required for membership.

Never one to be left out, though I don't see her glasses. Perhaps Baby Lu was made an honorary member of their club.

Is it just me or is she really cute?

Now on to the real reason for this post. Twinkle Toes played the piano in the mall yesterday. She played two pieces and did them both beautifully! She recently won a gold medal for her performance on the Primary World of Music Quiz.
Yesterday was also Measle's first violin recital. Here she is posing with her American Girl "Me" Doll. Measle spent a year growing her bangs out only to decide she really wanted to match her doll again. So here they are wearing the same dress and sporting the same haricut.
And here's Mealse playing "Pop, Pop, Shush, Bang" or something like that. She played with feeling!

Poor Baby Lu was relieved when the recitals were over. She didn't get down for her afternoon nap until after 3:30! We're blessed that she's so flexible.

I should also mention the boys were good as gold and never once complained about spending the afternoon at their sisters' recitals. I complimented Monk (10) on this later and he acted surprised and said he thought they were fun (especially the refreshments after Measle's recital.)


  1. I love their shades! and all the paci pictures. :) we are all done with pacis around here but every once and awhile I miss the sweet little noises of babies and pacis. :)

  2. What musical children - and yes, she really is cute!

  3. Adorable! I wish I had known you were at the recital at the mall. We were out there then and heard some of the cute music.

  4. Thanks for sharing about the recital. I love the picture of your daughter and her doll. I had pictures made of my two oldest girls with their American Girl dolls (in matching prairie dresses and bonnets that my mother made) a few years ago. My oldest daughter looks so much like Josefina, and my next daughter looked like Kit.

    I would love your recipe for homemade bread....I have not read your post yet about Producers in the may have it there.....I am on to read that post next. I have been too busy to have much computer time the last few days!

    Have a great week!



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