Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A day without morning sickness analyzed

Like most pregnant women I suffer morning sickness, or afternoon/evening sickness, as it usually turns out for me. I suppose some days are marginally better than others, but I've never had a sick-free day during the first trimester, ever, until recently. I've gone over that day again and again in my mind trying to recreate it, but to no avail. It just isn't going to happen. Thankfully, this week is the last of my first trimester and I should be feeling better in a few days. But for posterity's sake I want to record the perfect, morning sickness-free first trimester day.

6 am: Wake up and eat small bowl of raisin bran (this is earlier than I usually wake-up).

7-9 am: Sit in car while mom drives and kids rest or watch movies (ok, this never happens in everyday life).

9 am: McDonalds break- I eat an Egg McMuffin, my first in about 25 years.

9-12: Sit in car while mom drives and kids watch movies (come to think of it, traveling is quite relaxing).

12 pm: Restroom stop at Wal-Mart and picnic in grassy area of Wal-Mart parking lot. I ate a pre-packaged tuna and cracker snack for lunch. Another first. (I hate tuna.)

12-2 pm: Sit in car while mom drives us the rest of the way to Dallas.

2 pm: Check into hotel, walk around outside a little.

3-5 pm: Walk around Galleria, snack on a piece of English Toffee from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and a Caramel Frap at Starbucks.

7 pm: Ate a chicken breast smothered in cheese and a bunch of other good stuff at Magic Time Machine.

9 pm: Walked 2 miles around the Cooper Guest Lodge and then went to bed.

OK- This was definitely NOT a typical day out of my life, but it was a day that I never experienced nausea, not once.

Some observations: I RESTED, A LOT. This kind of rest is simply not possible at home with 5 kids. I ate FREQUENTLY. And I ate more PROTEIN than I usually do.

I know this sounds right out of a pregnancy magazine on what to do to avoid morning sickness. But, as I said before, I've tried and failed to recreate this day. I've learned that just because I know something works, doesn't mean I can actually accomplish it most of the time, or any of the time:)

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