Monday, April 19, 2010

Almost as good as Nana's

"Almost as good as Nana's." That's what Monk said about my homemade bread. I was so proud of myself, too. I tried a new recipe and used the dough cycle on my family-size bread machine before transferring the bread to two loaf pans, letting it rise again, and then finally baking it. It even sliced nicely for sandwhiches. I just knew everyone was going to love my bread, and they did. Just not as much as Nana's.

When I protested to Monk, "ALMOST as good?" He tactfully replied, "Well, you know she's been at this forever and you've only been at it 3 or 4 days, Mom." Big D said the same thing, can you believe it? He said hers is more airy. Oh well, it's definitley progress. And I bet there are lots of people in the world who can't bake bread as well as Nana.


  1. Yeh...those Nana's...they are the best! But your bread looks really yummy to me!

  2. ohhhhh that looks just delicious to me! I want to reach through the screen and grab some up. Wanna post the recipe??? I would love it :)

  3. I've been at it for months, and I'm POSITIVE I can't bake it as good as Nana. :) It's not even that great as a sandwich (my loaves always seem dense/heavy no matter what I try). But it sure is good with Nutella and it makes my German boy happy. :)



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