Friday, November 11, 2011

Shocked and feeling guilty.

I had a visitor to my blog the other day who commented that she found me through the homeschool blog awards.  Not really knowing what she was talking about, I googled it and was absolutely shocked to find I'd been nominated in two categories- Best Super Homeschool Mom blog and Best Crafts, Plans, and Projects blog.  My initial reaction was, "Why?"  I was really shocked.  Then I began feeling guilty.  I've obviously misled somebody.  Believe me, I am NOT super.  AT ALL.  Just ask my husband and kids.  I'm usually running on adrenaline and running behind.  I almost never get everything accomplished that I want to in a given day.  I gave up making lists years ago.  They're just too darn frustrating.  Of course, I'm honored to be nominated and I admit it was a bit of a thrill, but I definitely do not belong in the same category with some of those awesome ladies like Ann at A Holy Experience and Kimberly at Raising Olives, two women who have inspired and challenged me to take my mothering up a notch.  I'm not voting for me, that's for sure!

And as for crafty, I'm like the least crafty person I know.  I'm really challenged in that area, but I do love a good project!  I decided since someone out there considers me a project blog that I'd add some  of my past organization projects to the sidebar.  I think I crave organization because I'm naturally so disorganized.  Again, just ask my husband and kids.  If I don't have my keys in the key bowl, I'll hunt all over the house frantically and end up being late. 

So if you love organizing and haven't seen some of my little projects before, I encourage you to check them out and give me your feedback.  I'm always on the lookout for new ideas of how we can better streamline our lives.

And whoever nominated me, thank you.  You're too sweet and I really hope I haven't made myself appear to be more than I really am.  I'm grateful for the grace of God that covers my sin and for my incredible family that takes me as I am and never keeps a record of my wrongs.  And for the record:  I almost NEVER have everything organized at once.  Wouldn't it be cool if my house looked like all the pretty pictures on my blog ALL THE TIME?!


  1. Congrats on the nominations! I also was surprised at a few I was nominated for. It is very nice though!

  2. Celee,
    I think you are absolutely deserving! None of us truly are super homeschoolers b/c that animal doesn't exist, but what makes you super is the fact that you never stop learning and growing and feeding and it!



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