Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Little Warrior

I haven't posted about Lucie in a while, but she's still at it.  She's always making us laugh with her larger than life personality.  I thought I'd post a few recent pics for kicks.

Have you ever heard yourself yell, "No, you're going to hurt yourself!  Wait.  Let me get my camera"?  I never would have said that pre-blog!

Fortunately she was still headed upstairs while I ran to get my camera.  I did take the scooter away as soon as I got the shot.  I encouraged her to ride her scooter on the flat sidewalk outside. 

A few minutes later I tried to capture Lucie as she flew past me in a flash.  And no, she isn't outside.  I noticed that, too.  After this picture, I took her scooter to the garage.

We had a big laugh a few years ago when I bought these swords for my then 10 year old from Vision Forum.  I was somehow invisioning something a little safer.  They are very heavy duty and meant for big kid sparring, not exactly what you want your 5 and 3 year olds playing with in your living room.  Cute, though.  My little warriors in training.  And if you're wondering what Lucie is wearing, that was one of my outfits from the 70's.  When you only have one child, you tend to hold onto a lot of her things.  Lucie sits every day at the little table and chairs my mom and dad bought for me in Germany 36 years ago. 

This just made me smile.  Lucie loves dressing up and can be found in any number of different ensembles.  I love the combination of ballerina, Dorothy shoes, and giant tennis ball, don't you?  Oh, and don't miss the knit snowman hat I bought her yesterday.  I'm sure she was thinking, it's pink, it matches.

Future WNBA player?  I hope not, but it's a funny picture.

This girl is all about action.  She asked me this morning if she could get her jacket on and ride her scooter to Nana's house.  Uh, no.  Then she asked her big brother if he would take her.  It's awfully hard to say no to Lucie.  She's so much fun and such a blessing!  (Just stay out of her way when she's armed.)

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