Wednesday, November 16, 2011

David Nevue survived us, just barely.

We met David Nevue yesterday and it was a fun experience.  His concert was great!  He's not only a talented pianist and composer, but a terrific storyteller.  He has a heart for the Lord, which comes out in his music as well as his stories.  Mainly, I was impressed that he put up with us so graciously!

I realized just before going to my mom's for dinner that my camera battery was out of charge, so I left it charging during dinner.  I was disappointed not to get any pictures from our dinner with David Nevue, but it was just as well.  Twinkle Toes sat down in his place at the table and proceeded to use his knife and get a glop of butter on his placemat just as he was coming to sit down.  (In her defense she didn't realize it was his place.  In my mom's defense, she had just told us where everyone was sitting.)  Anyway, he handled it well.  Then as I was taking his plate after dinner I dropped his fork on him.  More like flung actually, it had some centrifugal force behind it.  I should have explained to him that we normally eat out of a feeding trough, but I think he figured it out on his own.  He seems very kind and it was a pleasure meeting him.  And mom's dinner was delicious, as usual.  Hopefully it made up for everything else.

The concert was nicely attended, which we were grateful for.  We had around 75 people, including kids, which we thought was good for a Tuesday night.  I've already talked to several people who attended and everyone is glad they went.  It was more than just a piano concert.  It really was a time of worship together. 

After the concert, my mom teased David that hadn't played her favorite song, so he gave a miniature private concert for my family.  Lucie danced.

Refreshments made for a fun intermission.

I'm so grateful that it worked out for David Nevue to come.  I'm thankful for my parents and know it was God's provision for us, especially my son.  He was super excited to meet his hero.  Can you tell?  After the concert, my son asked me when David Nevue can come back.   Seriously?  He was just here!  My son was positioned during the concert to get the best view of all the piano action and is already working on another David Nevue song, his arrangement of Amazing Grace. 

I'm not sure how often David Nevue tours, but I highly recommend having him come to your church or home for a concert.  It will be a wonderful time of peaceful relaxation and worship, unless you're holding a one year old on your lap the entire concert.  Then it will just be a wonderful time.  God is good!

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