Saturday, November 5, 2011

My son's hero is coming to town... and dinner.

A few years ago when my oldest son was 9 or 10 I asked him who his swimming hero was.  (My kids swim competitively.)  We had recently watched the 2008 summer Olympics and I assumed he would say Michael Phelps.  To my suprise, he said it was me!  I told him that was very sweet, but that I wasn't much of a swimmer.  I did swim in college, but I never even came close to the Olympics.  His response was that I could have gone to the Olympics if I had wanted to.  So much to teach them, so little time.

Now my son is 12 and WAY too mature and cool to have his mom for a hero.  But, he's crazy about me and does whatever he can to please me.  When I fell in love with the music of David Nevue through Ann Voskamp's blog, I begged my two pianists to sit and listen with me.  Then my mom and I started downloading sheet music from David Nevue's website and I encouraged (euphemism) my kids to learn a few of his songs.  Twinkle Toes (10) didn't take it too seriously, she's busy composing her own pieces, but Monk really took to David Nevue's music.  A little OCD like his mom, Monk began watching youtube videos of David Nevue when he wasn't practicing his music at the piano.  Now my son plays several of his songs really beautifully.  Meanwhile, my mom had subscribed to email updates through David Nevue's blog.  Then one day she said to me, "Celee, guess who emailed me?"  I assured her that David Nevue had not emailed her, but that he had simply sent out a mass email and she received it along with everyone else on his list.  She said, "Well, it says my name at the top." 

So my mom began emailing back and forth with David Nevue, the composer and pianist extrordinaire.  My son's hero.  Why would this surprise me?  She is the same woman who called up John MacArthur's 5,000 + member church before I moved to California for college determined to find me a Christian friend who went to my same school (an hour away from the church).  Which she did.  Actually, she found a whole family and they took me to lunch almost every Sunday for 4 years.  And she is the same woman who called up JI Packer on the telephone and asked him why he signed the Evangelical Catholic Accord.  I guess you could say she isn't exactly shy.

To make a long story short, my son's hero is coming to town.  Our town.  And he's coming in less than two weeks.  Cool, huh?  My mom and dad have arranged for him to give a piano concert at our church.  (Thanks, mom and dad.)  Oh- and we're all having dinner at mom and dad's before the concert.  I don't know about you, but I'd much rather eat dinner with David Nevue than Michael Phelps.  We're looking forward to it and would love for you all to join us- at the concert, that is, not dinner.   The concert is Tuesday November 15 at 7 pm at our church.  (If you know me in real life then I'm sure you know where our church is.  If not, but you live near Amarillo, TX and you'd like to come contact me and I'll give you directions.)


  1. I like your mom!!

    That sounds like such a wonderful event! I know that yall will enjoy the dinner and concert so much. I am happy for all of you! :)

  2. This just made me smile ~ firstly because I love his music & secondly because your Mum sounds fantastic! I have so much trouble even telephoning my friends that I know well ~ to have the confidence to call complete strangers would be wonderful ~ good on her!!!
    I hope the concert is just wonderful!



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