Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking his new wheels for a spin!

I had decided we were through with saucers and walkers and just got rid of the last of them a few months ago. They just take up so much space and I'm forever dragging them from room to room. But BigD is concerned about Calvin's flat head, the technical term is plagiocephaly, so he told me to go out and get him something to sit in. He didn't tell me to spend this much money, but when I saw it I knew BigD, lover of old cars, would approve.

Really Calvin, you shouldn't look like you're having so much fun.
I think that's more of a flailing arm and less of a wave, but we thought it was cute.
Hey, who's that good lookin' guy in the mirror?
Big Sis showing him the ropes. Honking the horn is one of her favorite tricks.
Finally, a smile. He'll be cruisin' for chicks in no time.

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