Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The best birthday EVER!

I'm at the age where I hate birthdays.  The last thing I want is a reminder of how much of my life I've frittered away and how little of it I have left.  As if plucking out my gray hairs wasn't enough!  But... as far as birthdays go, this has been one for the books.

I awoke next to my precious little quiverfull babies, Calvin (4 months) and Lucie (2).  These were the kids my husband and I thought we didn't want.  We had decided 4 was our magic number and we were stopping after we got our two boys and two girls.  Now none of us can imagine our lives without these two little bundles of joy! 

Next, Twinkle Toes (9), who had Monk (11) wake her up early, made pancakes and brought me breakfast in bed.  (My first EVER breakfast in bed.  And Twinkle Toes first time to make pancakes.)  Measle (7) poured my orange juice, so she helped, too.  Prince (4) serenaded me with Happy Birthday.  And of course, Queen (2) and Calvin (4 months) were already in bed with BigD and me.  What a great start to an otherwise depressing day!

Then on the way to Bible study I drove through Starbucks for my complimentary birthday drink and the kids wanted to know how old I am.  I said it was kind of depressing, but told them anyway.  Monk said, "Why are you depressed, Mom?  Your life's only half over!  I mean, that's why they call it mid-life."  Thanks, son.  Then Prince added, "I thought you were 152."  Thanks, son number two.  At that point Queen piped in with, "I want Psalm 19."  A little random, but maybe she thought Prince had been picking a Psalm , too. 

Then after Bible study my mom and dad treated us all to a nice lunch of Mexican food, my favorite.  And you won't believe what my parents gave me.  I said I wanted it.  Then I read Radical and said I didn't want it.  Then I said I'd be mad if I got it.  Now that I have it, I'm so excited.  I mean, it's not like I can take it back, right?  And I did say I didn't want it.  What is it?  

An iPad! 

I can't wait to figure out how to use it!  But remember, I really didn't want it : ).


  1. hahahaha I loved all of this post. Made me laugh :)
    I love that you DIDN'T want it but got it anyway, that's fun.
    Children make everything, even birthdays and drive-thru's, special.....*sigh*...

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! WHy do I not have you on my birthday list??? Email me your s and your kids birthdays and your anniversary! I am happy you had a great day! I love the part about your "quiverfull" babies! What a blessing and a testimony! AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great birthday! Happy birthday!!

  4. It's the week of birthdays! Happy Birthday!! And your comment was too kind! Have fun with the iPad!



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