Monday, March 14, 2011

How to make an apple pie and NOT see the world

Twinkle Toes and Measle Bug have gone to a mini-camp for the first part of this week so I told Prince today I'd do a special project with him.  Past projects include muffin tin crayons and homemade playdough.  Today Prince decided he wanted us to make an apple pie, since we just read a story about it yesterday that included a recipe at the end.  I've only attempted to make pie crust from scratch once before, and I think my mom had to come over and rescue me in the middle of that one, but I told him I was game. 

Stirring in the sugar and cinnamon.

Before baking.  Notice my pre-schoolers decided they'd make a pie of their own.

The finished product with the book that inspired it all!  Can you tell he's proud? 

Meanwhile, Calvin has learned a new trick.


  1. The pie looks like it turned out great!

    One of our elders spoke at our family Bible study Saturday night--his topic was a brief overview of Revelations (is there such a thing? Ha!) Anyway, he stated that in the original language (you know I don't know what that is) that there was not exclamation point. So to show emphasis or excitement, the text would be repeated. Like verily, verily. So he said that the number 7 symbolizes perfection, completeness. And the number 6 was imperfection. So using it three times in a row (666) was giving emphasis to the imperfection!

    What do you think? I have never heard it explained that way before.

    Calvin is such a cutie!


  2. I think that's an interesting interpretation and worth looking into. I have a friend who says she's a pan-millinialist as opposed to pre- a- or post- meaning it will all pan out in the end. That pretty much summarizes my thinking. Hopefully if we live to see these prophecies fulfilled we'll recognize them at the time.

    Thanks Roan!


  3. I love it! a pan millinialist! That's what I am! Studying Revelation is on my "one day" list.

    I am going to just finish out the year with TT pre-algebra (8th grader) and geometry (10th grader). They are both on lesson 90 or so, and there are only 126 or so in the entire book. I have a friend who homeschools and also teaches math in a college. She is actually coming over tomorrow to look at my TT. Her oldest is in the 6th grade, so she is still using Horizons, which she really likes. Horizons now has a 7th grade book, called pre-algebra. I plan to take 6,7, and 8th grades to work through Horizons 6th and 7th grade programs. It can easily be three years' work, because the Horizons lessons are very long. They are 3 pages each, and i have my children work 2 pages a day. I am going this route with my youngest three. I still need to decide what my 9th-11th grade plan will be for algebra I, geometry, and algebra II. For their senior year, I plan for each of them to take college algebra at the local college, call it "Senior Math", and allow them to earn dual credit.
    Tomorrow, my friend will either advise me to just use the TT for high school or toss it. If I toss it, I want her to choose something better for me. She is just writing and teaching her own thing for high school math. She lives 3 hours away, so my children can't take her classes.

    My concern is just they are prepared for the ACT I guess. I feel confident that whatever course they take in college, they will do well in....they know HOW to learn, they are motivated to do well, I just want to make the most of their opportunities here at home.

    So much to stress about, that really in the whole scheme of things is not important. :)

    Yes, we have really like Core 5. You know this is my first year to use Sonlight with my older children. We have loved the books. The EHE has been a pain to them, but I am making them do it. It is a great geography course. I will tell you more tips about EHE after you order yours.

    Next year I am doing Core pre4/5 with Sam, Core 1 with Leah, and Core 3/4 with Clay. Clay will be a 7th grader, but he needs a year of American history. For his 8th grade year, he will do Core Alt. 7 which is one year of world history. Julie will be in 9th grade, and she will do a geography course 1st semester and Mississippi history 2nd semester. Olivia, 11th grade will do Notgrass American history.

    I can't wait for the new Sonlight catalog either. We are currently in week 22 of both core K and core 5. Week 22! And here it is March! I am doing the 5 day cur., but we only do school 4 days most weeks. Maybe I should consider the 4 day plan. Then we wouldn't be so far "behind". I just didn't want to leave anything out. But......I am going to really consider that for next year. I plan to keep on reading the Core K and Core 5 books until we are done! It may take us until August!

    Talk to you later,



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