Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge- A fun family adventure story in pictures

You know the ignorant bliss that comes with the beginning of a vacation?

Somebody's getting brave.  Last time at GWL, Prince refused to slide.  Now he loves it!

She's pretty tough when on the offensive.

But not so sure likes being on the receiving end.

The MagiQuest gang.  This picture so perfectly summarizes their personalities: my dad studying the instruction manuel with Monk looking on and Twinkle Toes looking bored and way too cool to be interested in doing anything by the book.

Nana took good care of Queen and Prince while I mainly took care of Calvin.

Proudly wearing his wolf ears.

I don't believe I've ever seen a cuter wolf cub.

Calvin was not feeling well this trip, but such a little trooper.

The bug is so excited to be getting a manicure at Scoops spa.

Twinkle Toes declined the tiara.

Grandparents.  I'm pretty sure I never had anything even remotely resembling that lollipop when I was growing up and certainly not in my parents' car.  Let's just say this was a three packages of wipes trip.  Two days, three packages of wipes.

This was a very disturbing sight as we set off down the road on a 6 hr drive!

Calvin read my mind.

I assured him we would be home soon.  We had lots of fun, but as my dad always says, "Whoever said having fun is easy?" 


  1. Well that looks like a fun trip! And yes, just leaving the house is a ton of work! Vacations just quadruple that.

    Is your eye better? What a strange thing to happen. Did you get caught up on your Bible reading? I am on Ch. 15 of Matthew. Reading the NT after reading the entire OT is eye-opening. I am reading the passages of quotes from the OT in such a different light. It all seems so much more real to me, and it certainly makes so much more sense. As usual, I am having a hard time putting my thoughts into words.....but I am awed my God's Word. Awed. It is almost as if this were my first time to read it.

    Have a great day! I am sure you have lots of laundry after being out of town! Ha!

  2. I have read so much about this place in blogland. Maybe it warrants a visit.

  3. I want one of those guns! lol Looks like fun!



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