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Great home improvement giveaway!!! $50 Lowes giftcard

It's been almost 4 months since my last giveaway!  I'm way overdue!

I don't know about you, but summertime is home improvement time around our house, especially when I'm pregnant.  I've shared with you about our bedroom switching schemes which will involve building a closet and will most likely also involve building a loft bed for Measle and Baby Lu to share.  What do you think of these ideas?

From The New Kidspace Idea Book by Wendy A. Jordan, p. 90.  The complete package looks
a little busy to me considering our small space, but I like the general set-up of loft bed over toddler
with maybe a desk underneath.  I also like the storage space for books or toys adjacent to the loft bed.

We might have to overlap the beds a bit more than this, and I shudder to think what my
girls would do with closed cabinets, but I like the general lay-out.  Photo from
I don't know if you can tell, but the above two pictures are of the same loft bed system. 
I was thinking we could use it folded up as in the first picture while Baby Lu is a toddler
and then unfold it when Measle has a friend spend the night or if we wanted to keep
using it when Lu graduates to a twin bed.  Big D would also paint this loft bed.   

Now, to cut to the chase...

Here's how to enter to win a $50 Lowe's giftcard:

1.  This contest is for followers of my blog only, if you're reading this you probably already follow, but if not, now's a good time to sign-up.  (I feel I owe a little something to my faithful followers now and then.  If you've been reading me for long you understand why :).

2.  Comment below either on which loft bed idea you like best and why or tell me about your summer home improvement plans.

3.  For an additional chance to win, blog about this giveaway and tell me in a second comment.  Please link to your blog from the comment.

4.  For yet another chance to win, tweet or facebook about this giveaway and tell me in a third comment.

The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Friday June 18th.  Please make sure I can contact you through your comment so I can notify you if you win.  Good luck and I can't wait to see what projects you all have going on!


  1. I love the clean lines in the second picture. The first is just too cluttered looking for me!

  2. I like the first and the second pictures, but the last two look too high on the top bunk (I'm a little bit of a freak about kids falling off the top bunk). Did you see pics on my blog of how we converted our twin-over-double? That bed is built solid! My oldest daughter (11 yo) does make a mess out of her closed-door cabinet and out of her drawers. Yesterday she helped her baby sister get dressed, and I found that she had made a mess out of her drawers, too, looking for just the "right" outfit. Oh my! ;) Don't enter my name in the contest, Lowe's around here. I'm not sure if we have any building projects in mind this year. We desperately want to clean out our garage and get my hubby's work space out there organized.

  3. Sorry to hear you don't have a Lowe's near you, Steph! I need to look at your loft bed for sure. I know we don't have space in this room for a full, but I like the idea of being able to expand to that in the future should we use the bed in another room. I think the bed system in the first picture could accomodate a full-size bed if we didn't have all the other furniture under there.

    Thanks for the feedback, ladies.

  4. Wow...I am always looking for bedroom ideas, and these are super cool! Thanks for this post! The first bedrom is too cluttery, in my opinion. But I do like the second one, and the other two are nice, too. I have been looking into a 3 bunks bunk bed, myself. With 4 boys in one room, and 2 girls sharing another...I need to get some floor space going! My older two girls have their own bedrooms, and the baby is still in with us. But I need to come up with some ideas soon because the baby will soon be in the room with the two younger's going to be crowded unless we get bunks in there.

  5. the way...I've changed my blog's URL. I notice you have my old one on your blog roll. That one isn't active anymore. The new one is =)

  6. Really great giveaway! I read about it when we got home late Sunday from vacation but didn't have the available brain cells for commenting then! :) After some recovery time, I have to say that I like the sleek look of the second set, but the 1st set looks fun.
    I'm getting caught up on my fav blogs and just read through the posts you wrote while I was away. I woke up the morning we left for vacay thinking similar thoughts to your post on the wilderness/Promised Land. I thought that it would make a good post, and it did! :)

  7. I am a new follower :) I love the first idea, but then again, I don't really know what space you have to work with so it might not be that great of an idea if you have a little room. I plan on painting our living room sometime this summer-- it needs it bad!

  8. I personally like the italian looking one. I like cleaner lines, and you can do some fun things with colors there. I'm a new follower too.

  9. And this summer??? Well, we have MANY home plans!!! We're currently constructing an addition to our Love Shack. When that's done, we'll tear down the existing house and replace that with an addition on the addition. I'm about half way through a 10 year journey. :) Stop by and check it out if you want-

  10. I really like the second picture, I like the idea of adding extra cabinet space, you dont even have to put doors on them and make them more like cubbies or you could make that space a bookcase. I like the third and fourth pics to but its not much more useful than traditional bunk beds.

  11. I like your idea of keeping the storage space open, Hannah. I don't think this combo would stick out as far (width) as the first picture either.

  12. I'm a new follower but I love the 2nd picture! Compact but attractive. We're painting the WHOLE house this summer which will be quite a chore since we have a five bedroom (do NOT ask me WHY we own a house this big IT WAS NOT my idea!)anyway it's going to take forever between scraping and painting. Also we're replacing the windows on our enclosed porch but not until the painting is finished. We just tore down an old garage and are building a vertical garden there. We're newbies at it, so I hope it works! We were left with one cinderblock wall from the garage that was going to cost a fortune to haul away so figured we'd put it to use and plant herbs there. If anyone has any experience with these gardens any input appreciated!

  13. I like the trundle beds I have used better than my bunk bed. 1) I have bed wetters, and bunks are difficult to change. 2) When my kids are sick, I always am fearful of them being up high (especially with a tummy bug). 3) My top bunk is too close to our ceiling fan. On hot nights, I worry about the kids falling off.

    That said, my kids love our bunk bed because we attached a home depot slide to it. It is great for inside fun, hot wheels, etc.


  14. I have been reading for awhile but don't comment much. But we have plans to re drywall and paint one of the bedrooms this summer to prepare for the arrival of Baby #5. I would use the gift card for drywall, paint, and curtains and such for the new bedroom.

  15. I'm a new follower...
    I have to say while a little stark and plain, I like #2 best because it seems to have a lot of cupboard space and will grow with your children. With some more color and accessories, I'd really like #2 the best. One of the beds in #1 seems to be right on the floor. #3 and #4 don't look all that sturdy to me but then again, I had three boys who took every opportunity when my back was turned to jump on their beds (or off them).

  16. Tweeted;

  17. I can't pick! They're all cute. As for our home improvement plans this summer. We are hoping to finish the wood floor, the rock on the outside of our entryway and finish our unfinished porch.

    Great give away!

  18. Hmmm...wonder if I'm too late! Hoping not! (I read your blog in a reader and woke up in the middle of the night to read through)

    I like the first one, but only because it looks fun (not necessarily functional!)

    Awesome giveaway, Celee!



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