Wednesday, June 9, 2010

90 Day Bible Update- Fun for the whole family!

I shared with you in my post on Summer Goals that I wanted my two older children to spend an hour and a half or more reading each day this summer.  I pre-selected a bunch of biographies that I thought would be great fun and educational for them to read, but they decided they'd rather read the Bible.  I was thrilled they wanted to try the 90 day challenge with me, but skeptical.  I mean, after all, they're just kids.  Guess what?  They're WAY ahead of me!  (They both had plans for summer camp and wanted to get at least a week ahead early on.  As it turns out, only Twinkle Toes is going to camp now.)

Monk uses his Bible ipod, for lack of a better term.  It's really cool.  He takes it everywhere with us and when the younger kids are busy with an activity like art or playing at the playground with friends, he reads away.  When he gets to a word he doesn't know how to pronounce he simply turns the sound on and listens.  He loves his new toy and I love that he's reading the whole Bible this summer.

Twinkle Toes I'm still a bit skeptical of.  It seems to me she reads awfully fast, but then she can always tell me what she's been reading about, too (in general).  Maybe I should enter her in some speed reading contests.  Or maybe I should start quizzing her more specifically.  Anyway, I'm not making her do this and I want it to be a fun experience so I'll probably just let her go at her own pace, even if that is the speed of light.  (When she reads so fast she still has to make up her reading quota with other books, but I've been a bit more lax with what I approve of for her supplemental reading.)

Measle was trying to do the adapted 90 day Bible plan for the Real Life Devotional Bible which had her reading two chapters per day, but she's struggled to keep up.  I'm having a hard time getting her to read in her head.  She always wants an audience and well, we're all trying to keep up with our own reading.  She's not terribly behind and it is only two chapters per day, so she may catch up and finish with us after all.  I'll keep you posted. 

Over all this has been a fun family experience.  Of course, there was the time when Measle innocently told me she wanted to marry her daddy and Monk overhearing admonished her that that was a sin and its penalty was death.  He's always been a good little law keeper.  Measle burst into tears and I explained to her that daddy was already married, but that he loved her very much.  Then I explained to Monk that it's perfectly normal for a little girl to want to marry her daddy and for him not to worry.

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