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Your Questions about the Theories of Evolution and Creation

I ended my last post with a quote by Isaac Newton, arguably the greatest scientist who has ever lived.

“I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy, playing on the seashore and diverting myself now and then in finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

You know, he’s the guy who invented Newtonian physics in order to explain the physical universe, and calculus along the way to describe the physics. This is what he’s most famous for, but he also wrote extensively on optics and other mathematical and scientific questions that had stumped scientists until Newton paused long enough to solve them. (My personal favorite of his writings is over his interpretation of the books of Daniel and Revelation. I’ve also read his chronology of ancient kingdoms, which read about how you’d think a history book written by a scientist would read- he was extremely methodical.)

Newton saw that despite all his accomplishments, there was a vast body of truth, of science that still lay undiscovered. Thanks to great men and women of science since Newton and the invention of modern tools of science such as the electron microscope and immunoassay techniques, we have now dipped into that “ocean of truth.” It is my intention that this series on creation science will review some of the modern discoveries of science that support the theory of creation, or intelligent design. I’m now moving away from my theological posts in which I examined the Scriptures and turning to science, so I will refer to creation as a theory from here on out.

I want to ask you another thought-provoking question. What do you think the best evidence is for evolution? I mean, let’s suppose for a moment that you are on a jury. Creation is under attack and on the defensive, while the prosecutors are evolutionists. What’s the prosecution’s best evidence? Even if you’re completely convinced about creation, what is the one weapon that evolutionists have that worries you? OK, if you’re not willing to admit to any doubt or worry whatsoever, what is the one icon of evolution you’d like to see debunked? If I don’t know the answer, I’ll look it up and read about it, but I’d like to know what you’re the most interested in learning about. Yes, I’ll still write about what I’m interested in, too. I’m twisted that way.

Want a sneak peak? My next creation science post will be about the age of the earth. Right now I’m reading about radioisotope dating and accelerated decay. I hope to have some interesting conclusions to share with you in a few days. I’ll share the different theories on the age of the earth and the evidence claimed by both sides. Then we’ll weigh the evidence together. By the way, science is the pursuit of knowledge. Science should be impartial, right? When a theory is shot down by overwhelming evidence that does not fit the theory, it should be thrown out. At least this is how it’s supposed to work. Thank you again for going on this journey with me. I just love learning through science about how great God is!


  1. At our current church I have been blessed to sit under the tutelage of a retired chemistry professor. During his last years at the university he made creation vs. evolution a particular focus of his study, with an emphasis on radiometric dating. He has led many interesting talks at our church and recently wrote a book. While he was writing the book, I was able to read the first drafts. When I first realized the claims he was making I was a little shocked, but he sure does make a strong argument. I have loved it! His name is Russell Arndts and his book is "Geocentricity, Relativity, and the Big Bang." :)

    We also went through most of the Truth Project dvd series, which really helped me understand the point of view of evolutionists and why they really HAVE to embrace their beliefs...why they run from creation (it requires a creator). So what is their best evidence? It isn't so much that, but the fact they have a philosophy in which they are able to manipulate data and events to fit their theorems (or vice versa). And what worries me? Well, that comes back to a Gospel point of view--we must preach the truth, but with understanding that souls will be turned individually and by the power of the Holy Spirit. I must do what God has called me to do, and pray for people walking in darkness, but leave my worries because that is in His hands. We can never "prove" creation to someone enough to get them to believe in God, a person believes in God through the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. So my biggest struggle is combining these two areas of my life--engaging in the intellectual debate and sharing the Gospel.

  2. That's such a good point Stephanie about our not being able to prove creation to someone. I think if we can remove evolution as a stumbling block so that a person is open to hear the gospel, we've done all we can do. Only God can change a heart. So, if I'm understanding you, you're most interested in exploring how the evolutionist has to make their science fit with their world view? Ok, I'll probably tackle this at the end to sum up the series. I've got some geat quotes by Richard Dawkins that will be fun to explore.

  3. I feel very un-educated when reading your blog, but creation science is one of my big interests. I have a dinosaur-crazy 4 year old, and I want to nurture that love, and encourage him in further exploration as he grows. Additionally, I have an ex-husband who has converted himself from Christian-by-birth (you know, his parent's religion) to God-hater. This means he embraces evolution, some forms of satanism, and the like. So he periodically brings up Richard Dawkins. I said all of that to say: I'm looking forward to your exploration of Richard Dawkins, but I'm enjoying this whole series!

  4. I am blessed,

    Hi, I spotted your post over at Atheist Central and thought I'd stop by.

    I would say that a key evidence for evolution is shared ERVs in chimps and humans. Are you familiar with this line of evidence? If so, what are your thoughts on it?



  5. Matt,

    I don't know how long this series will go, but I want to consider the age of the earth first. Then I'll move into the molecular arguments in favor of creation. I'll specifically cover the discipline of genetics and at that point I can discuss ERVs. I always welcome questions. I guess I miss teaching more than I thought. I hope you check back. I don't want you to miss the posts on genetics!


  6. If you want to talk about genetics: What about pax6 or foxp2?

  7. I wonder if Steph and Mitch T think Francis Collins is running from his creator? Ken Miller? Georges Lemaitre? Robert T. Bakker?

    Or are they scientists who are using the brains that they understand God gave them to investigate the world to the best of their abilities?



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