Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Chip off the Old Block!!!

Did I ever tell you Big D played football? Well, he did. He played in high school in Florida and for two different Universities. He's always kind of hoped one of his boys would take to football. Monk tried it a couple of years ago and didn't enjoy it. In fact, when his dad tried to interest him in watching a football game, Monk's question was quite telling. He asked us, "If everyone jumps on the guy who has the football, why doesn't the guy with the football just get rid of it?" Why indeed. I'm afraid Monk takes after his mother and grandfather. I never did get the point of that game, either. It just seems so silly to me.

Monk did try baseball twice. It was so fun watching him. He looked like Mr. Bean at bat, but could actually hit the ball- sometimes on the second or third try, though. He always kept us in suspense. Anyway, he was on a great team that ended up winning the whole league his first year to play. By the grace of God, Monk happened to be the guy up at bat with the bases loaded in the last inning of overtime in the championship game. Oh, and there had already been 2 outs. We were going insane with nerves. We knew the fate of the game and the championship rested on our son. Our son who didn't really even "get" the game of baseball. By the grace of God, he hit the ball and he hit it hard. He got a homerun and brought in all the guys on base. They won the game and the championship. Everyone piled on top of Monk screaming in celebration. We couldn't believe it. It was like a miracle. Later, as we were headed to the car Monk calmly asked us why all the guys jumped on top of him. We explained that they were happy because of his homerun and bringing in all the bases. He said, "Oh." Then he asked us if his team had won the championship. The point of the story is that obviously Monk's not that into team sports. He's a great swimmer though. Just point him in the right direction, remind him of which event it is, and he does great.

So, Big D has known for sometime now that Monk is not going to be his football player. He's since transferred his hopes for a football player onto his All American Boy (3). The funny thing is Baby Lu found this football in the garage the other day and has been playing with it ever since. Forget her room full of baby toys. She wants to play football. She really is a chip off the old block!

Somehow I don't think Baby Lu is one of the kids Big D was hoping would take up football. She looks so much like him in this picture. Poor Big D.

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