Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Special Valentine Giveaway for my Friends!!!

This has absolutely nothing to do with my creation science series, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. (Would somebody please gently remind my husband of this?) Anyway, since it’s the season for love, I wanted to share the love, the Jeub’s love that is. I bought their book Love in the House a year or so ago and have really enjoyed it. They have lots of wisdom to offer in the form of child training secrets and how to have more on less cost-saving tips. They were running a special offer on their website the other day so I bought a few more copies of their first book in order to get a free copy of Wendy’s new book Love in a Diet. So I want to share the love with you.

I am giving away Chris and Wendy Jeub’s Love in the House to 4 of my faithful followers. If you’re interested in a delightful book about a mega-family that has lots of love to share, then comment below to be entered to win. Be sure and tell me if you’ve copied my button to your blog for two additional entries. I’ll draw 4 names tomorrow night at midnight.

Please leave a way for me to contact you or be sure to check back to see if you won! Happy early Valentine’s Day!


  1. I have this book and it is one of my favorites. I enjoyed watching their show on TLC last year. Did you see it? They seem to be really sweet people. I remember when it showed her barren yard, she commented, "I don't do flowers, I do children."
    Something like that!

  2. I would love to read it! thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  3. I have looked at purchasing this book in the past, but never did. The Duggar's 20 and Counting was a huge help to me and I believe this one would be too. We are currently dealing with some discipline issues that are simply hard to deal with. I am sure that she has had to deal with some of these same issues and I would like to know how she does it. Reading books from moms of many is a big help.

  4. This seems like a great book, although I think my t.v. addicted hubby would have enjoyed the TLC series more....
    I am in the mood for love lately. And since we are half way through the Love Dare, this would be the perfect book to read next.
    Pick me! Pick me!

  5. Enter me, please! I haven't even heard of this, but it sounds great. I'm enjoying your blog.

  6. Can I be entered please? I'm trying to read more at the moment!

  7. Please enter me in! Your blog is a lovely niche, and I am so happy to have happened upon it. I am looking forward to reading your quiverful posts. Many Blessings!

  8. Hi! I have that book. Its awesome!!!!

  9. I had never heard of this family until this week. We don't have cable or satellite, so don't know what we are missing...LOL!! Would love to read the book! I recently read the Duggar's newest and some of my children have been reading it as well. I've never seen the Duggar's on tv, either!

  10. I would love to have this book! Hopefully I win!!


  11. I would enjoy reading this book again!


  12. I saw the tv special on this family and was very impressed with them. I didn't know they had a book, and I would love to read it!

    It is funny, because most of the time I feel like I have a lot of kids, but then compared to this family or the Duggers, I say, I only have 6!

    We have had sickness at our house the past week, and I am behind in my Bible reading. How are you doing?

  13. I was going to do this, too! But I didn't order them so I won't. :) If I win this, can I give it away on my blog? ('Cause I've already got one). That said, I actually hope I don't win so that someone else will be blessed by this book. But I just had to comment. :)

  14. You don't need to put me in your drawing. I just wanted to drop a note to let you know I stopped into your website to do some reading!!


  15. Well hopefully I can still qualify to be in this giveaway- I've just recently found your blog, but have been a faithful follower ever since :) Your blog is so encouraging to me!
    I have been trying to find this book, and since it is not at my library I had kind of given up on reading it. Just maybe I'll win a copy! Thanks for the opportunity.


  16. I would love to read this book...Blessings, Heidi



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