Friday, February 5, 2010

The Best Excuse Ever and Spreading the Sunshine

The kids and I read Luke 12 the other morning and were discussing the parable of the faithful steward afterwards. I said, “Kids, we should always be asking ourselves, if Christ returned right now would He be pleased with what He found? Pleased with our choices? Pleased with our words? Pleased with our activities?” Then I gave an example. “For instance, Mr. Monk, do you think Jesus would be happy to find you playing video games when He returns?” Monk (10) replied sheepishly, “Probably not so much.” Without missing a beat, Twinkle Toes (8) jumped in with, “Mom, how do you think Jesus would feel if He returned to find us doing math?” I told her, “Nice try, but you’re not getting out of math today!” But I was thinking, that just might be the best excuse ever! Forget, the dog ate my homework and cut right to the imminent return of Christ. I mean, that’s pretty hard to argue with. Meanwhile, Measle Bug (6) had the worst excuse ever. When I went in to awaken her that morning (I do this as quietly as possible so as not to awaken the 3 and 1 yr olds) she hid under her covers and said matter of factly, “I can’t come out today.” Oh, she did come out.

Next, I want to thank my friend Gen at Girls and Sunflowers for giving me this blog award. She said I spread a little sunshine in her life and I’m to pass it on to 12 bloggers that do the same for me. I have a special place in my heart for Gen, because 6 months ago when I started blogging, she was one of my very first followers. I noticed I broke 100 followers just the other day. Thanks to all of you who put up with me and my oh-so-opinionated posts. I guess you’ve noticed I enjoy reading and writing. And perhaps I’m missing teaching, just a little ;-). My husband said my blogging obsession wouldn’t last 6 months, so I’m happy to have proven him wrong!

Without further adieu I am passing on the Sunshine Blog Award, in no particular order, to…

Steph at Sound Off
Roan at Joyful Always
Valerie at In Faith and Purity
Jen at Many Blessings, Busy Life
Momma Bug at Momma Bug’s Blog
Debbie at A Journey in Motherhood
Shoni at Nations Around our Table
Amy at In Search of Normal
Stacie at A Firefighter’s Wife
Debi at Who Says 8 is Enough?
Jenilee at The Goodwin Family
MumMe at Our Aussie Half Dozen

I enjoy following all these ladies. Some of them are especially encouraging to me through their comments and interaction with me on my blog. Some of them are very encouraging through what they post about on their blogs. But, all of them have encouraged me in some way or another. Ladies, I’m passing on this award to you for spreading sunshine in my life. Thank you.

If you choose to pass on the award, just list your 12 recipients with links to their blogs, comment on their blogs to let them know they won, and link back to the person who passed the award to you. Thanks again for making blogging fun and rewarding! (Btw, you all probably already know this, but the easiest way to pass on this award is to go to your dashboard then choose the manage tab under the list of the blogs you follow. If you keep this open in one window and have your new post open in another window it's very fast and easy to pass on the award by copying and pasting the blog addresses from the blogs you follow into your new post.)

And if you haven't suggested a question or issue you want me to address in my creation science series, do that here in my Questions over Evolution or Creation Science post.


  1. Thank you so much! and, congrats on your award!!! :)

  2. Kids are so very funny, and quick to say something so smart! I think I will stay under the covers tomorrow and not come out :)

    Congratulations on your award. I enjoy your blog very much!

  3. "I can't come out today."

    I would like to use that excuse myself some mornings!!

    Thanks for the award.

  4. Well thank you! you are a piece of sunshine for me too! that is when I finally get off your blog and actually get out to SEE the sunshine! ha

  5. So sweet of you to include me in that list! I am blessed!

  6. Thank you so much! You are truly an encouragement to ME!
    I think of you everyday when I see my oldest daughter's science book. Yall could have great conversation about creationism. She is pretty passionate about it! My husband (not a preacher) even preached a sermon about it once.
    I hope you have a great weekend!
    Check out the homeschool channel TV (whatever it's calling itself these days...ha!) The link is in pink writing on my left sidebar. It is now set up like facebook. You just join, and there you go. Anyone can post a blog. It's very user friendly, and I think the members would appreciate some of your creation posts.
    Check it out!

  7. Beautiful family!! Following you from Arrow Collectors.

  8. Thank you so much for this...I am so grateful to have met you and your adorable family!!!



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