Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Room in the Inn and other thoughts on traveling with a big family

It's that time again. We're headed off on a little fun family excursion. My husband is going to marry a friend of mine, if that makes sense. He's going to perform the marriage ceremony. My girls get to be flower girls. We're driving, of course. It should be an exciting 11 hours in the car. Why don't we fly you may be wondering? I blogged previously about our little airplane mishap that ruined flying for me. It's quite a story if you haven't read it yet.

So, we'll be driving once again. And this time we have a new problem. There is literally no room at the Inn for our family.

You know you have a big family when a Hotel of Suites will not let your family stay in a two room suite. Is this ridiculous? What's the point of a two-room suite if it can't sleep 7 people? Two queen beds and a sleeper sofa. No problem, right? They say it's against the law. I have a hard time believing that, but ok. So we'll be staying in two rooms, but get this. They won't guarentee that the two rooms will be connected or next to one another. The people in reservations say they can request it, but there's no guarentee. (Meanwhile Twinkle Toes is thinking somehow that this means Big D and I will stay in one room with the little kids and she and her brother and sister will have their own room. It is tempting, but I had to rain on her parade.)

I have a couple of thoughts on this predicament.

1. We big families should band together and form a union or something. I mean, everyone else has one. It just stinks that the powers that be in the travel industry can make these laws that require us to rent multiple rooms even when there are obviously enough places to sleep our family.

2. I'm beginning to think the travel industry isn't hurting as badly as they'd like us to think they are. I talked to a dozen people representing half a dozen hotel chains and none of them acted like they especially wanted our business.

3. Now I remember why we seldom go anywhere. And my husband is reminding me once again why he would like an RV.


  1. totally understand this!!! We are buying an RV because of it. (and we only have 4!) RV are not that accomadating to large families either, you have to do your homework. Plus I do not like the germs I am sure are lurking EVERYWHERE in a Hotel room. We usually don't tell them how many there are of us and we go thru the side doors. And for breakfast we send 1 adult and the oldest to get it and bring it to the room. Sneaky and not very honest but they really don't like families! To them that spells MESSY ROOM and then the janitorial staff will have to work that day...LOL

  2. I say buy the RV. my friend who has six kids, came and stayed with us a couple years ago and they never had to worry about a hotel, and they just parked in our driveway, hung out all day with us, then went to sleep in their RV. It was great! Also, theirs was not new or in perfect shape. It was old and kinda 80's looking BUT it slept 9 easily! they were all comfortable.

  3. My sis has the same exact problem. If they go anywhere they spend an arm and leg on lodging. The hotel industry sure knows how to make some big money on small families using this "rule". We tried to get a hotel room once with just two kids (one was a baby in a pack and play) and my mom (5 of us total). They wouldn't let us do it. Crazy! I know it was bad, but we ended up sneaking the baby in. It was so ridiculous! I recently booked a hotel room and I noticed the occupancy was limited to only 3! Can you believe that? I agree. More people need to say something. Great post!

  4. My husband used to manage a suite hotel, and I can understand a bit because so many huge (teenage) groups come in such as bands, clubs, and wedding parties and just trash the rooms. But it seems like there should be a waiver for groups that all have the same last name. I wonder if there could be some money in starting a chain that caters to large families? Most large families I know would make the beds and clean the toilets before they left. LOL!

  5. I totally agree with you and that is the exact reason that we do not travel often either. I will be praying that you have a safe trip, a peaceful trip, and that your husband will get to boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ at the wedding he will be performing.

  6. I might be able to help you a little. My site,, lists hotels that sleep six and some rooms up to 8. I'm always looking for ideas and feedback, so please do check it out.

  7. Theresa, I'll definitely check it out. Thanks.

    For this trip, though, we'll be staying in 2 rooms that may or may not connect. Gotta love it!

    And I neglected to mention we already have a travel trailer, but need to sell that before we can get the RV. Our trailer does sleep 8, but somehow I couldn't imagine finding a travel park in downtown Houston and getting my girls ready to be in a wedding with the tiny plastic shower. I don't know how Bridget does it!



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