Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 Giveaways for my Followers!!!

I've been neglecting you faithful friends. I've got three great giveaways to try to butter you up. (Since my series on the family-integrated church is drawing to a close, I've got another one waiting just around the corner.)
Here are the giveaways:
1. Barnes and Noble $25 gift card

2. Chilis/On the Border $25 gift card

3. Family Reformation by Scott T. Brown (A great book about what the Reformers taught on the family. It's amazing how much the author was able to glean from writings and sermons of Luther, Calvin, and other Reformers. Some of the topics I've covered such as family worship and catechism are dealt with in greater detail. It's nice to know the Reformers did not have perfect churches, but struggled with many of the same issues we do today.)

Here's what you do to enter the giveaways:

Comment below if you are a follower and guess what my next series is going to be about. Don't forget to mention which giveaway you're interested in and be sure and leave a way for me to contact you.
The first person to correctly guess the subject of my next series wins the giveaway of their choice. The next person to correctly guess who chooses a different giveaway from the first person will win and so on until I have a winner for each of my giveaways.
What, drawing a blank? Ok, I'll give you a hint- my next series is going to be about something I've been interested in since the 8th grade. Still in the dark? One more hint- it spans many disciplines that all have one thing in common- their study bears testimony to the greatness of God and declare His glory. Now I've gone and given it away. Oh well, I guess that's the point!


  1. I am not sure, but I would love to win the Barnes and Noble giftcard. I know this sounds crazy, but could it have something to do with astronomy or teaching it?

  2. I am a follower, and I am guessing it is the stars. I would love some chips and salsa on the chili's giftcard!

  3. hummm, I am slow but I am also thinking it is the stars, or His Creation. Crap that was two answers. OH well. I would love the book!

  4. Well, if it is the stars, the gifts are all given, but I can't wait to see what you have to say about them! Your family integrated church series has made me think a lot. And so much thinking that I haven't commented! I need to go back and leave a few. Keep up the thought provoking posts!

  5. Astronomy is not the answer, but not completely unrelated. The key is "many disciplines", not just one.

  6. My guess is a series on the study of science in general and it's many diciplines ie. astronomy, biology, etc. from a Christian perpsective. I would like to win the Chilis gift card.

  7. I guess a better guess would be Creation...hope that still counts as one.

  8. I it creation and it's discussion from a science related point of view, cause that kind of encompasses everything? From the gifts God has given us each individually, to the wonderful world he has given us to live in.....If that's right, I would love the barnes and noble giftcard....

  9. You guys got it! All three giveaways have been won!

  10. LOL, so I totally forgot about this until just now, and I don't know how to contact you about if I won and if so how this all works.....I guess just let me know. My email is Thanks!



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